Gym Workout: Kate Upton Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Kate Upton gym workout: Supermodel Kate Upton, keeps in shape by indulging in back breaking exercises designed to enhance strength and attractiveness

Kate Upton gym workout

Is there any weight loss secret for looking like Kate Upton?

It is not easy since Upton’s physique would need you to indulge in a rigorous gym workout program. Such a program requires you to exercise at least one hour each day for five to six days a week.

Kate Upton gym workout session starts with a warm-up session consisting of rolling on foam and a few stretches. Some lateral band walks and lunges are also thrown into the mix.

Later, Kate plunges into a weight workout and strength training session. This session requires the young model to utilize all her power and energy in some moves that are designed to build her strength.

Kate Upton gym workout

Unfortunately, there is no rest allowed between the training sessions. Kate’s trainer insists that the absence of resting periods in between allows the training session to also offer cardio components to the model.

Kate Upton gym workout would also indulge in some hip exercises in order to keep her derriere in shape. These sessions conclude with conditioning workouts that include rowing, pulls and pushes.

Even when she is travelling, the supermodel tries to do as many exercises as she can with the help of whatever equipment she can get her hands on.

Kate Upton’s career started in 2008 when she was signed by Elite Model Management. Later, she moved to NYC and signed a contract with IMG Models.

In 2011, she became the face of ‘Guess.’ Upton also appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of the famous Sports Illustrated magazine. Since then, she has appeared in a number of prestigious magazines.

In April 2011, her popularity was greatly enhanced after a video of her dancing at LA Clippers game went viral over the internet. She made another dancing video in 2012 that also went viral.

Upton’s acting career began with the film ‘Tower Heist’ in which she played the mistress if Hightower. She also appeared in ‘The Three Stooges.’ In 2012, Kate Upton was ranked as the 5th sexiest model. She also made it to the Hot 100 list of Maxim.

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