Kim Kardashian bikini picture shocks and thrills

Kim Kardashian has effectively gotten her pre-pregnancy body back. And there is no stopping her now! The famous TV personality was spotted recently on a beach in Mexico. The bikini picture taken on Friday left her fans agape with awe and excitement as the 35 year old exposed her assets in a series of bikini picture.

Kim Kardashian bikini picture

The swimsuits worn by the daring star were skimpy enough to leave the onlooker aghast. The star of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ brewed a storm in a white one piece swimsuit that featured her unbelievably flat belly as well as quite a lot of underboob.

Kim Kardashian bikini

Kim had deliberately chosen a high cut 80s style swimsuit that revealed her perfectly chiseled thighs and hips. The skimpy dress was practically struggling to cover her generous derriere. A generous neckline exposed her deep cleavage. Apparently, the pictures were taken by a poolside where the sexy star was having a great time with her friends.

Kim Kardashian bikini picture

In one of the pictures, Kim Kardashian was seen by the edge of the pool while one of her friends clicked her camera.

Bikini Kim kardashian

There was a particular moment when the KUWTK star rinsing herself with a towel. This ensured that her hair became wet as well. As this happened, a friend of hers tended to her hair making sure that her locks remained intact and the beach hairdo doesn’t get undone. Presently, Kim Kardashian is on a vacation inside luxury retreat of Casa Aramara, Mexico. She is accompanied by her two children, and some friends.

Kim Kardashian bikini picture in Mexico

Kim Kardashian bikini pictures were extremely hot as she made Thursday a girls’ day on the beach. She was clad in an orange dress and climbing on a yacht. Kim was able to show her great weight loss achievement through a skimpy dress that only served to enhance her awesome curves.

Kim has already made it known that she is more than happy with her new form which has been achieved after shedding off at least 70 pounds. However, she is also glad that those pounds haven’t been dropped from her finest assets.

She credits her weight loss to a very strict diet and a procedure for skin tightening. Moreover, Kim also follows a very strict weight loss regime.

Even when she is on holidays relaxing, she still sweats out in the gym. She has also sought advice from her sister Khloe for losing the last few pounds.

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