Google poised to stop support Chrome apps on other platforms

It is now confirmed that the browser will be able to do it all now. Google may have made it clear that the company will continue to offer support to Chrome desktop Operating System for some time, but it had finally made the decision to gradually stop supporting Chrome apps on different platforms.

Google poised to stop support Chrome apps on other platforms

Google announced that it will not support Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux over the period of the following two years. This has been decided in order to phase of the Chrome apps platform. But Google also made it known that it will further Chrome apps platform on Chrome notebooks.

Chrome apps are those apps that utilize the technology of the internet but can also launch and work outside the Chrome browser. This is why the user of this app thinks that it is another standalone app despite the fact that it is still based on the browser.

Google had launched the platform some years ago. At that time, this approach was very feasible because owing to this phenomenon, the app could run even when the system was not connected to the internet.

Users could also send notification and work with peripherals. Presently, all this can be done within the browser itself. At that time working across different platforms also made sense.

Developers were happy to build the apps because it was obvious that these applications will also run on the personal computers that were in use of millions of people. Now, application developers will be able to get the same results with apps that will only be able to run within the specified browser.

It must be noted that there are many people who do not use Google browsers. Their overall share within the market is thought to be around forty percent. These browsers are not able to support Chrome applications. However, they would support all the other web based applications.

In March Google removed the Chrome app launcher from its browser. It used to allow people to launch Chrome apps in a surfing environment with maximum ease.

Google’s’ announcement has made it clear that all the new Chrome apps will only be made available to the users of Chrome OS. After one year, the web store of the Chrome will not display Chrome applications to users of Mac, Windows and Linux. This will not affect the themes or the extensions of the browser.

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