Google Chrome Browser vs Firefox

The battle rages on but for now it seems like the obvious winner of the war between Google chrome browser vs Firefox is the former.

Google is The Simply the Best:

It is without a doubt, Google Chrome’s insane rock-star like popularity and continuing demand stems from the inescapable truth that the parent company has near-infinite resources enabling them to put the best minds of our time to work on their default browser: Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser vs Firefox

No More Installation & Compatibility Issues:

What’s more, as Google continues to diversify their portfolio and enter into the world of producing their own devices, the smartphones and the laptops which come with a preferential bias of performing better when running on Google chrome alone as opposed to when running on just yet another system compatible browser like Firefox.  A huge sigh of relief for the end-users. Google Chrome effectively wins the popularity round against Firefox and the other browsers, yet again.

Pros & Cons Of Firefox:

Firefox, on the other hand, is no mere pushover of an entity to be simply dismissed and even out rightly ignored. No, on the contrary, Firefox has its winning points over Google Chrome. All the millions of Firefox users couldn’t be wrong to choose them, at one point or the other with whatever device you might think of.

Google Chrome Browser vs Firefox pros and cons

With that said, let us dig into the weeds and explore the various other features on Google Chrome browser vs Firefox in an attempt to prove to you why we are 100% convinced Google chrome is the better of the two.

Best Features of Google Chrome:

Google Chrome comes with the minimalist and the most non-intrusive and/or overbearing browser of them all. Here’s why: Unlike the other browsers out there, it offers the least amount of actual text and as you are already well aware its design comes complete with minute monochromatic user buttons that serve to aesthetically enhance by complementing, our native OS themes and designs.

Google Chrome Browser vs Firefox Chrome features

Bookmarking Is Fast With Chrome:

Still focusing on the superior design espoused by Google Chrome, we see that it makes our lives much easier and increases our overall productivity consequently thanks to its so-called OmniBox. As opposed to the modus operandi involved with other browsers notably Firefox, chrome users are able to sync all their accounts into one basket.

Google Chrome Browser vs Firefox Chrome Bookmarks

This means faster access to vital apps like mail, social media portals not to mention the increased security for us.

Chrome’s Incredible Handling, Always:

Google chrome handles very well even under intense pressure. Even with over 20 tabs open at the same time it still manages to render the various pages impeccably well while also seamlessly remaining responsive at all times.

According to Digitaltrends, we find out that Google Chrome has been awarded the most points for both HTML 5 compliance and Octane 2.0 receiving 523/555 and 9437 respectively. No contest whatsoever from its closest rival Firefox trailing it with an HTML 5 Compliance and Octane 2.0 ratings of 348/555 and 5748 respectively. Agree with us that the battle between Google chrome browser vs Firefox is no close contest. Actually it is a no contest for Google.

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