Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail

The contest featuring Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail is not an easy one to draw a clear, outright winner. The reason we reached this definitive conclusion is that each of the above mentioned email service providers all come with their own set of unique features. Each of them has something that makes it to be beloved and adored by the millions of people-or should we aptly refer to them as followers.

To help illustrate that point better we are going to make an in-depth comparison of the three leading web services providers, Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail. Our comparative review article shall go into great detail to explore the various award-winning features of each of them for the sake of helping out folks who are interested in finally choosing the best option of them all for whatever function or activity they are dealing with.

No Bias Whatsoever:

Dear readers, please note that this review article has been written free of any bias or any prejudice whatsoever against any of the entrants we have mentioned. This article is unlike any other articles out there which are often sponsored content which try to persuade and convince folks to choose one over the others ostensibly so that they end up getting paid.

Data Storage Capacity:

Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo Mail are the best email service providers when it comes to the memory space allocated to its users. Both of this companies offer you an unlimited amount of space to store your data and other content while in stark contrast Gmail only offers us a space of only 10GB. It is worth noting, however, that Google has plans in the pipeline to keep on increasing this space in the near future.

Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail data storage

Attachment Capacity:

Gmail offers its users a limit of uploading attachments of 25 MB so too does Yahoo mail and The difference arises in the fact that Gmail users have the alluring option of getting to upload attachments of up to 10GB. The same case goes for Microsoft users but Yahoo mail users don’t get to enjoy this privileges.

Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail file attachment

Features For Accessing Mails:

Our research and wisdom has led us to declare Gmail to be the outright winner of this particular round. Here’s why; Gmail makes it easier for mail accessing by having an active synch exchange feature (EAS) that also supports IMAP and POP server technologies. On the other hand, Outlook gifts its users with the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) but it only supports the POP technology. Yahoo mail doesn’t have Exchange Active Sync (EAS), it only supports IMAP and POP server technologies.

Mail Forwarding Function:

Gmail and come fully equipped to handle automatic E-mail forwarding while Yahoo mail users get a less than raw of a deal here since it is only their Yahoo mail plus users who get to enjoy this must-have service.

Social Media Integration:

With Gmail and with Yahoo mail you are limited in that you don’t have an outlet to help you link your mail accounts to Facebook, to Twitter or even to LinkedIn. Outlook is the way to go when looking to integrate the above mentioned social media platforms.

Price of Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail:

Gmail is primarily free but to get extra storage you have to cough up some money. Outlook is also free but to use the ad-free version you pay $19.95 a year.

Yahoo mail vs Gmail vs Hotmail Cost

With Yahoo mail you also only have to pay $19.99 per year to upgrade to the Plus version.

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