How Can We Protect From Cell Phone Radiation

It’s fact that radiation is all over the place. A lot of machines, electronic devices and power line all radiate electromagnetic frequencies. One another things which are too much close are tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices.

Cell phone radiation:

Research has proven that contact to cell phone and Wifi radiation has been interrelated to exhaustion, wooziness, psychological issues, and sometime more than that issues.

How Can We Protect From Cell Phone Radiation

There are a few points which are worth mentioning and helpful for answering that how can we protect from cell phone radiation.

1: You should not leave your phone turned on next to your body all day long. Keep the cell phone in the position that antenna emitting radiation is facing away from you.

2: The best way to answer your calls is by turning the loudspeaker on and has your phone some length while answering the call.

3: When the signal quality is poor your phone is more likely to emit more radiation. Use your phone when the bars are at max. It can also save you from cell phone radiation.

4: Use text messaging system instead of calling if possible. In case you can convey your message via text-based messages then it’s good because the farther your phone is from your body the better.

5: Use Wired landlines and give preference to them over the wireless ones as they emit more radiation.

6: Likewise, use a wired Ethernet cord instead of wireless internet router if possible. It can save you from cell phone radiation.

7: Try that you do not operate your phones when you are in the car, train, and plane or in the elevator. In enclosed metal spaces cell phones emit more radiation and draw more power.

8: Try to use a wired only printer.

9: Use Wired Computer peripherals like keyboard and mouse. Don’t go for wireless ones as they can as well be damaging.

10: You should disable your computer’s wireless connectivity software’s, for instance, Bluetooth.

11: The new generation of wireless baby monitors emits radiations as much as a cell phone. Avoid using them, if you want to save yourself from cell phone radiation.


Cell phone radiation has been proven damaging for humans. We can easily conclude that the most damaging things in case of this subject are the wireless cell phone related features or accessories which can emit high levels of radiation. To save yourself from them, you must not use wireless things if possible. Prefer wired devices over wireless devices as this would not cause the radiations to emit. The ultimate tip is to use devices emitting less radiation.

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