How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home

The fast paced lives that most of us lead today make it difficult to take time out and dedicate a portion of your day to the gym or any other outdoor fitness activity. However you need not worry! In this article I have outlined how to keep your body fit at home!

How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home:

It’s quite simple; you do not have to invest in a gym or any other workout.  Keeping fit at home requires much less time and investment. More importantly it’s very convenient. The key to keeping your body fit at home is consistency. Even if you can allot only 20 minutes of your day towards fitness, do it on a daily basis. These are the few simple and yet effective things to do at home to keep fit:


Skipping is a good cardiovascular exercise; it works on your shin and calf muscles, arms and improves stamina.  Keep increasing your counts with time. You can skip whenever you get time, in between tasks, before you sleep or any other time.

How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home skipping

Light Weight Training:

Depending on your level of current fitness invest in some dumbbells. These exercise focus more on toning. You can use them for working the muscles of your arms, abs and back.

How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home Light Weight Training

Exercise for the abs:

It is important to work on your core as that is where most of us tend to pile on excess fat.  Exercises for the abs mainly concentrate on variations of sit-ups and the plank. Increase your count with time.

How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home Exercise for the abs

Walk it, climb them:

Whenever you have the chance walk to places, walk to get your grocery when the store is just around the corner. Take the stairs as often as possible. These are ways you can work out even without allotting time to it. Keeping fit at home also involves inculcating fitness into your lifestyle.


It is said that your diet and workout must complement each other for keeping fit. Many people have a misconception of what a diet means. It does not mean you have to eat insanely small quantities or quit eating your favorite dishes. Dieting is about optimisation, controlling the quantity and frequency of your intake. Firstly drink a lot of water every day, ideally 4 liters. Plan your meals to be wholesome and healthy, if you want to eat any high calorie food eat it in very small quantities.

How to Keep Your Body Fit at Home Diet

Keeping fit at home is a very simple process, it just requires dedication. It is as effective as the gym and sometimes more fun as well. Go ahead and take your first step to keep your body fit at home!

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