Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox

Out of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. The most popular and reliable free browsers are Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox. Here, we are discussing the qualities and differences of the most secure and fast browsers.

Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox

Installation Setup of Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox:

Installing methods of both Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox are very easy. Both of the browsers are available for free. You can install chrome with one click installation process. On the other hand, Firefox can be installed offline. The size of Google Chrome is 13 MB and Firefox is 15 MB.

Supported Platforms of Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox:

Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox supports wide range of platforms in which Mozilla Firefox supports:

  • Apple Mac OS X
  • BSD Unix systems
  • Google Android
  • iOS
  • Haiku
  • Linux-based systems
  • Microsoft Windows

On the other hand, Google Chrome supports:

  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Google Android (ARM, x86)
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows

Browsing Time of Google Chrome VS Mozilla Firefox:

The page loading time duration of Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox was compared. According to the results, Google Chrome is better in this field. Many additional elements are present in Google Chrome, so it loads the page faster than Firefox.

RAM Memory Consumption:

Google Chrome uses RAM memory in small bits. It uses different elements of RAM. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox use the RAM memory communally.

Hard Drive Consumption:

Altogether, Chrome files consumes 120 MB space in your computer. Mozilla Firefox consumption is 37 MB. Google Chrome support HTML 5 files in addition to all kind of browsing files. So, it takes more space than Mozilla Firefox.


In Google Chrome, you can add users in a private account. Just log in yourself in your Google Chrome account and enjoy your circle. You can add, remove people in your account.


Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox security tools are identical. Both browsers warn the user when they are entering a website which contains viruses. It protects you from any wicked material available on that website. Both browsers allow their users to save their important passwords in a plain text. But, Firefox beats Chrome because its master password feature makes any unauthorized access impossible.


Firefox has thousands of extensions. It is a very user friendly browser. It supports in customization of internet exploring. Google chrome is also an open browser and support extensions for users.


Between Google chrome VS Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is the best browser in sense, it is the lightest as well as the fastest available browser. Firefox on the other hand is a very powerful browser for coding.

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  • Chrome uses far more ram than firefox once several tabs are open, and performance drops significantly the more tabs are open in chrome.

    If you often have more than… 6 tabs open, Firefox is the faster and much better with ram. If you use less tabs, Chrome is faster for browsing.

    You’ve kinda rolled over some things.
    Firefox also offers individual process tabs – it’s an option.
    Chrome has almost as many extensions as firefox, and i doubt any less useful exertions as firefox.

    Both browsers use significantly more HDD space than you have mentioned. You should include profile usage in Appdata.

    Firefox has the same ‘Users’ feature you’ve only listed for Chrome.