Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank

If you are organizing a webpage, your paramount goal will be to increase the rank of your webpage in search engine results. To check the admiration of a webpage, Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank are used. In Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank comparison we’ll see which is more important in SEO.

Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank:

Google Page Rank was entitled after the CEO of Google Larry Page. This tool is used to check the importance of your page.

Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank

The reputation of a page is checked by counting the total number of backlinks indicating towards the specific webpage. While checking the total visitors of a webpage through Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank, Google uses 0 to 10 scale. Whereas 0 means the least number of visitors and 10 is used for the highest popularity among visitors. Primarily, Goole Page Rank measures the webpages.

Alexa Rank:

Alexa Rank was entitled after the name of the web company Alexa. Alexa Rank is used to evaluate the websites. This is the main difference in Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank.

Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank measures webpages and Alexa Rank measures the levels of the websites. In Alexa Rank, the number of visitors are counted daily. The website which gets the highest number of visitors will be positioned as number 1. Alexa Rank calculates visitors according to the traffic as well as page viewers of the website.

SEO Role in Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank:

Google Page Rank beats Alexa Rank in SEO analysis. Google Page Rank uses SEO notion to check the popularity of a webpage. Google measures worthy backlinks of the webpage and Alexa Rank measures number of visitors on a website.

Tips to get through Alexa Rank & Google Page Rank:

If you want to increase the popularity of your webpage or website, keeps on updating your blogs on daily basis. Utilization of Meta tags is very important if you want to increase your page rank. Construct targeted viewers of your website.

On the contrary, Alexa Ranks will be improved by participating in a lot of website forums. Mostly websites contain Alexa Rank already installed in them. All you have to do is to get somebody to your website. You can use social media marketing for this purpose.


In the evaluation of Alexa Rank VS Google Page Rank, we came to know the qualities and plus points of both checkers. To reveal the visitors of a webpage, both rank checkers are equally important. Primarily, try to focus on the content you are providing on your webpage. Furthermore, concentrate on techniques to get your Alexa Rank lower and Google Page Rank upper.

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