Amber Rose Again Comes To Kim Kardashian’s Rescue

Amber Rose has already defended Kim Kardashian’s uncensored selfie during the week when she talked about it on Nightline

Amber Rose Again Comes To Kim Kardashian’s Rescue

The former girlfriend of Kim’s husband Kanye West said that she looked beautiful. West is now married to Kim Kardashian who has maintained a friendship with Amber Rose despite her previous relationship with her husband.

Kim Kardashian, the actress in her mid thirties who is the mother of two children posted a nude uncensored selfie on a social media website. There were only two black bars in the pictures that blurred her most private parts. Kim’s new selfie earned a lot of criticism from several people.

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Amber Rose invited her friend to talk at her annual SlutWalk which is a feminist gathering seeking instill courage in women who are ashamed or hesitant about their own bodies and their fashion preferences.

Amber Rose said that Kim looked very beautiful in the picture. She further stated that she is also a mother and she knows that it is very difficult to maintain your body and keep it in shape after giving birth. Kim Kardashian is getting a lot of flack for the selfie and Amber Rose thinks that it is not fair.

Kim Kardashian gave birth to her son Saint West in December last year. Amber added that if a male actor posted a nude selfie on Instagram or any other social media site with bars covering his private parts, he would be considered cool even if he is the father of a child.

Amber Rose had also come to Kim’s rescue when Pink had attacked her for the same photo. Pink had posted a lengthy message in which she had written that Kim Kardashian uses her body and sexual organs to earn money rather than using her brains and her talents.

Pink also alleged that Kim Kardashian has no self respect or pride.
As soon as the post was made public, Amber Rose had hit back with her own post that Pink had also not hesitated from a ‘naked swinging act’ in the past. Where was her pride then?

Amber Rose also wrote to Pink that everyone is born naked. It the society that sexualized a woman’s body, and if Kim wanted to share nude uncensored selfies on social media, it was none of her business. She wrote:

‘If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that’s none of ur business or anyone else’s.

Several other celebrities have posted their opinion about Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie. Kim, on her part, is sticking to her guns.

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