American’s agree with Rick Perry point of view of having president who served military

The best president is one who knows how to serve his uniform which he had worn. Rick Perry supporters ware waited for the announcement of Texas governor that when he declared his second run for the presidency in a suffocated airplane crease and then a retired navy Seal Pete Scobell told them.

American’s agree with Rick Perry point of view of having president who served military

Perry is very attractive in his speeches. He has a charming personality and once he wear dark suit and took the stage with his thick framed glasses it looks that he takes the heart of all. He is very courageous person. When he announced his nominations he simply shows the others that he is the president who served properly.

People were forced by their hearts to believe on him. He shows others that he feels proud in his uniform he just forget the whole world in his uniform of Air Force officer and aircraft commander.

He idealize the President George Washington and thought that he is the military hero for him who always there for him to support.
In his speeches he usually talks about them who are his inspiration.

He talked about the time when almost the entire nation’s had also fought in the military. He took the names of those who rocketed to the white house, like Harry, john Tyler and Ulysses S. Grant. He always praised for those modern presidents who served in World War 2. If we look on his experience so it was amazing he served in the Air Force which was irreplaceable in terms of helping.

It is usually said that the candidates with the least prominent military record has won every election since 1992. In 2012 it is for the first time in history of this modern world that neither presidential candidate had served in the Armed forces.

It means that the population is now changing. It is noted that 12 percent Americans serve in World War 2 but now only 0.5 percent serve in the military. This shows that Americans hearts are changing. He is not asking for the votes through such type of speeches. He was just sharing his experience but unfortunately his speeches have magic.

Perry felt danger in focusing on the national security, military affairs and on foreign policy as he thought that you don’t know what is right or what is wrong and you don’t even know who is right and who is wrong so just do your work with loyalty and focusing on it rather in all such things.

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