ISIS displays of US stuff grasped from Iraqis adjacent Fallujah

ISIS has apparently publicized US hardware they grabbed from Iraqi troops in a new video unconfined a month next the rebels attacked Ramadi.  The 10 minutes of tape shows the terrorist group during encounters in the town of Karmah, just east of Fallujah, consuming American-made means of transportation.

ISIS displays of US stuff grasped from Iraqis adjacent Fallujah

The militant’s movie themselves motivating around in Humvees, cargo trucks and MRAPS, while using heavy artillery and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. In one of scene in this video presented an ISIS rifleman shooting at Iraqi military positions adjacent the town, and further indications a suicide bomber known as Saad Muhammad al Turkistani is told being set up, flashes formerly a huge blast.

In this video moreover shows posture the dead bodies of IVF employees nearby on the back of their trucks. The videotape, acquired by the Long War Journal, is held to be a tactic of the terrorists displaying off their ‘spoils’ from severe fighting.

They now have access to some of the world’s toughest military equipment, which can enhance their protection from coalition airstrikes.

Our reliable sources informed us that U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters ISIS has seized thousands of American-supplied vehicles.

“Therefore equally sides travel in the similar vehicles and use the equivalent weapons.” Peters stated, “We have been the number one source of refined military equipment for Islamic State,” He moreover said, “The Iraqis were just distributers.”

According to our sources the Intelligence Group, the terrorist armies call for its militaries “A large number of physical attack happened yesterday on the region of Al Rufah in northwest Al Karmah adjoining Al Fallujah.”

The declaration said by ISIS grabbed “To regulate many area, and seized a tank, a number of vehicles, and heavy armaments as ghanimah.”

The group detained Ramadi, is which the regional capital of Anbar, the previous month, marking its most substantial advance as a US-led alliance initiated an air campaign contrary to the rebels previous year.

Our informer told that according to locals, former this week ISIS demolished a bridge on the Euphrates River north of the city by a car bomb, the main objective behind it is that to block Ramadi’s northern appearance.

As stated by, On Thursday, UN executives meeting in Brussels to lift off an Iraqi adviser process immediately called for $497 million in donations to offer shelter, food, water and additional life-saving facilities for the following six months to Iraqis moved or exaggerated by the struggling among government militaries and ISIS.

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