America’s plan Against ISIS War is in Danger

A turning effect happened in the U.S vs ISIS fight when the major rebels strength take initiative to stop taking part in this war. As the rebels accepted the American off of training and weapon which lead America to a pretty good advantage point. Now a group a key rebel group can’t admit the Obama government’s persistence that they lay off Syria’s ruler.

America’s plan Against ISIS War is in Danger

This might be a big setback for America. This was going to be a foundation of the U.S. war plan against ISIS but due to this action it is in risk of collapsing.

According to American Media sources the situation was well under control and the things will be back in line no time. But the current situations revolves around the fact that an important rebel leader and his men are prepared to pull out in obstruction of the U.S. program to train a rebel military against the terror group in Syria.

At first this news are considered to be a political rumor but got confirmed when news appeared of ISIS is trooping on the suburbs of Aleppo, Syria’s one of major city. Rebels currently fighting the jihadists there told The Daily Beast that the U.S.-led coalition isn’t even bothering to respond to their calls for airstrikes to stop the jihadist army.

Main role was play by Mustapha Sejari, one of the rebels who previously accepted for the U.S. training package, now saying that he and his 1,000 men are on the edge of retreating from the platform America is providing.

The major issue is that the American administration’s claim that the rebels can’t use any of their brand-new frontline weapon expertise or U.S. provided weaponry contrary to the army of Bashar al-Assad or any of its various representations and allies, which comprise Iranian-built soldiers such as Lebanese Hezbollah. They must only battle against ISIS as the Washington asserts.

The Syrian-American public inquired the Obama Management for bombings on ISIS near Marea several months ago which was complained by one of the senior political consultant for the Syrian American Council.

According to the government they were refused for the surprising motive that helping the rebels in Aleppo would hurt Assad, which would annoy the Iranians, who might then go on raising the heat on U.S. troops in Iraq. This is a difficult situation for America.

Government knows that the rebels are the only ones who can march into battle against ISIS in northern Syria Assad forces and as they are losing ground quickly America must come to a settlement.

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