An Unidentified Drone Was Victimized in Turkey Syrian Border

At the joint border of Turkey and Syria an unidentified drone was seen revoking the border laws and policies. The drone became a victim of Turkish Jets when it overlooked three warnings to land on the base. The incident occurred at the time when Syria was engaged in the war against the country’s rebel. The drone was marked to be an asset of Russian air force; however, centers in Moscow strongly needed this picture.

Unidentified drone was victimized in Turkey

From the notable sources, it was made obvious that the drone was much similar in shape and size as those used by the Russians therefore military sources in Beirut and Turkish capital claimed that it is most likely to be a Russian element. Yet news at the low is that all the Russians jets returned to the base safely. Earlier this month Russian jets also made several incursions and violate the airspace boundaries.

The drone crashed inside the 3 km Turkish boundary and as mentioned by the foreign minister Mr. Feridun Sinirilioglu that so far they aren’t able to specify from which state the drone belong yet they mentioned that they have a chock full authority over the drone as it crashed in the region.

All the three NATO allies, i.e. Russia, US and Syria drive their drones for security and surveillance purpose in the expanse yet such happening was the first of its kind.

Russian airstrikes and ground attacks are strongly supported by Syrian rebels and their own army. A meeting was held among Russian and Saudi leaders this week, later a statement was issued that warned Moscow and state that Russia had made a mistake entering this piece of land.

From our trustworthy source it was found that a U.S. defense official anonymously spoke regarding the incident that the drone is for sure not an American belonging and they believe that it belongs to the Russian government.

However, the news from Moscow is that the drone wasn’t a Russian. The words from Col-Gen. Andrei Kartapolov were “I state with absolute responsibility that all our drones are either performing tasks or staying at the base.”

These words were supported by another pro-Syrian TV Al-MayaDeen which mentioned that no Syrian or Russian air machine crossed the Turkish border. The official at the TV further mentioned that the drone wasn’t the property of Syrian neither it was Russian.

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