The Rude Looks of Kimberley Garner

Making her presence to be felt in St Tropez Kimberley Garner opted to do shopping on the French Riviera. After having a date lunch at Cafe 55 and browsing through numerous stalls the 25 year old reality star puts a very rude presentation as she zoomed, her pert derriere in a sheer white mini dress. To ensure that every present eye is stuck with her the star from Chelsea was wearing a delicate plunging garment barely covering her posterior. As she swayed through the town every guy made a sigh.

The rude Looks of Kimberley Garner

Talking about the dressing of Kimberley, her cover up doesn’t show any sort of racism. She is quite bold in dressing as her outfit was having a too low neckline and offering a glimpse of her cleavage to every spectator.

She later went for a stroll on the beach, wearing a swim suit she confidently displayed her holiday tan. Kimberley was wearing her blonde locks hanging loosely around her shoulders, and just chooses a little make over, to replicate that her natural features are fair enough and are the main reason of her attractive looks.

The property developer – who shot to fame when she appeared on Made In Chelsea about six months in 2012 – has been busy house-hunting in St Tropez with her mother in the hope of finding a suitably lavish weekend base.

The St Tropez break was Kimberley’s most-recent break, and the blonde has already enjoyed stints at a boot camp in Ibiza, the Cannes Film Festival and a trip to Los Angeles in the past few months alone. The star started off her year on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Kimberley is choosing to return to her native small screen business as she mentioned that various producers have approached her from either side of the Atlantic. In a chat with Mail Online she said.

“I’ve actually just been offered three TV shows – two in America and one in England. They’re all in the pipeline and it’s really cool, but also really scary. I’ve no idea which one to choose.”

She also mentioned that “It’s one of those things you think you really want and then you’re really nervous about it. They will all be based around me, but I just need to figure out which one I want.”

This will be her first significant work for TV, once she appeared on THE E4 SHOW which was the main cause of her fame. For the made in Chelsea show she was reported to say that “It won’t have any affiliation with Made in Chelsea. It’s so fun, but I just want to make sure I pick the right show. I genuinely don’t have any idea at the moment.”

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