Ariana Grande Apologizes Again for Upsetting Fans

Ariana Grande after making a first attempt to make things right with his fans has been brutally failed. The fans are claiming that her statement and her words aren’t decent enough to make amendments. And now she is giving it another shot.

Ariana Grande Apologizes Again for Upsetting Fans

Actually the singer was condemned for lacking honesty in her statement in which she say sorry for licking donuts and bashing America. So she is certain to say sorry again. But this time to ignore or safe from any humiliation she did so in a video posted online.

This was considered to be round two. Media is saying she was utterly blamed for lacking sincerity in her first apology, the matter was licking some donuts and saying the harsh words that ‘I hate America,’ and now to save her from any embarrassment the trouble singer did so in a video posted on her social media accounts. According to her released video:

“I was truly sorry and feel like the apology I posted. I actually kind of wasted my chance to truly sincerely say sorry and express how I was feeling because I was too full of preaching about my concerns with the food industry which is clearly not relative. I should have expressed myself in a different way.”

As the critics are not leaving her until she presented another apology so she posted this video. However in her first apology she tried explaining her side of story and her own point of view. But now she has realized that it is important to say sorry than stick to your point. So she is saying she’s sorry and that she is never been more proud to be an American.

Ariana also seem to accept her mistake and after watching the footage of her in the donut shop she said it opened her eyes and she was so sickened with herself that she pushed her face in a pillow and just wanted to disappear.

Ariana may make an apology two times now but she thinks the negative response she’s been getting is overboard. Ariana shames what she did she sees was stupid and not the kind of example she needs to set. But at this point she feels like people are going way.

According to her they’re acting like she did a crime or something and she feels very condemned. She’s also human and she has feelings but people are being actually mean at this point and it’s upsetting.

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