Russia Opposes UN Calls For Probe of Plane

A new turn of events take place in the conflict between the UN resolution and the disturbance due to dispute over its acceptance and rejection. The UN Security Council consistently accepted a resolution Monday trying international admittance to the site of the plane lay down over eastern Ukraine and finish of the military activities from the area succeeding forceful pressure on unwilling Russia to provide support the measure.

Russia Opposes UN calls for probe of plane

In this matter Malaysia has asked the United Nations Security Council to make an international tribunal to put on trial those alleged of downing a passenger airliner last year in eastern Ukraine but Russia terminated the move on Thursday.

In the current scenario, resolution demands for a complete, detailed and independent international investigation into putting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 carrying 298 people in Hrabove. Because of this pro-Russia dissenters permitted access to the site of the crash. It is allowed on the condition that armed groups who control the crash site to do not disrupt debris, possessions or victims’ remains.

As the response, all 15 council members voted to agree of the Australia-proposed measure which was taken in consideration by nine other countries that lost citizens in the crash.

Reviving the tragic incident Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in July 2014 with 298 passengers on board and two-thirds of them Dutch. It crashed in Ukrainian land held by Russian-backed separatists. Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said in a statement:

“It is useless and I don’t see any future for this resolution. Inappropriately, it appears that this is an effort to establish a grandiose, political show which only damages efforts to find the guilty parties.”

Ukraine and Western countries blame the insurgents in eastern Ukraine of shooting down the plane with a Russian-made missile. This is a worldwide tragic incident but Moscow has disallowed allegations it supplied the rebels with SA-11 Buk anti-aircraft missile systems.

“Ukrainian Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev also addressed the council, welcoming the resolution and calling for the rebel groups to be recognized by the world as terrorist organizations.

Media perception on this is Russian citizens are among the leadership of the terrorist groups ordering Russia to remove services from the Ukraine border and stop intimidating peace and security in the country.”

As a result of all that on July 21, 2014 the Security Council universally accepted a resolution that commanded that those responsible be held to accountable.

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  • If this was within a short time of the incident then I could understand the sentiment. However, after 515 days I think it is being a little oversensitive. News of the origin of the wreckage was bound to be released to the media as soon as it was known.

  • Interestingly, his suggested location isn’t that far from the one proposed by the 777 pilot recently. Both are not that far relatively speaking from the current search area. They’ve just got more ground to cover.

  • Everybody has pulled out every possible stop from day one on this and yet all we have heard is outrage and complaint from the relatives. Anyone will sympathise with the terrible grief but why keep lashing out at all the people who are trying hard to sort it all out

  • The Southern Ocean search has been based on MH370 flying at normal altitude and normal speed. Capt Zahari had meticulously researched the maximum remote spot he could reach using different parameters. This was further SouthWest than all search areas recommended. The only comfort for those bereaved is that all aboard except the pilot died within an hour of the plane going missing. He joined them in anoxia as soon as the autopilot was programmed to continue on the final journey.