Ashley Tisdale wish of achieving goal and her struggle

We come to know that Ashley Tisdale a Sharpay Evans in Disney channel’s greatly misunderstood the public point of view and take a result that public is not be able to understand her and they thought that there is controversy in her sayings.

She also feels that public also thinking that her production house is not handled by her and someone else is doing this job and she is taking her name.

Ashley Tisdale wish of achieving goal and her struggle

When they come to know that she is the one who is doing this with her sister then they wonders. According to her views women are always the hottest news ever.

The pop star always wants to be the helping hand for others but she is a reserve nature type person. Showing sympathy for the women she told the media that the purpose of her production house is just to support women and tell their sufferings to others as well. No matter how difficult task it is. There is no any reason except this for the establishment of her production house.

She is giving the strength of women by saying that in all your miseries we are here to support you just like as the bridesmaids did.

To get success in every field is very important for her. She told the media that winning Emmy for best actress is her wish and nowadays she is working very hard for the completion of her dream so she remains busy in her work that she couldn’t be able to give time to her social life like her twitter, face book and other medium.

She told us that now with the time she realize that these sources are just wasting of time and your goal should be your first preference.

She is working in sitcom young & hungry on ABC family as an executive producer and appear n the indie film Drive next year may be.

She showed us her love for food by telling us that it is very difficult for her to do diet because she is very fond of eating every time almost that’s why she usually makes advertisement of different food because she knows that she can do this much better and in a more realistic way.

Ashley is very focused on her fitness as she is focused on her award nowadays and gives at least one hour with devotion to her work.

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