Tyga Fight with his Wife for Guardianship of His Son

Tyga have a fight with his wife due to an affair with someone else. So they both have a divorce due to that problem. First Tyga want custody of his son as a joint custody. But after some time they file a heavy case for the guardianship of his child. Tyga is about to do fight with his baby mama because Blac Chyna is going to take full custody of his son.

Tyga Fight with his Wife for Guardianship of His Son 1

Some of our sources tell us that Blac Chyna hired a top lawyer last week and going to file legal documents for the primary custody. Because she doesn’t want that his 2-year old son moves here and there one home to other after every one week. As soon he was going to start school.

And Chyna has also some issues with Tyga, because he is dating a Minor. And she believes that it shows bad impression on their parenting skills. Chyna also don’t want that Tyga girlfriend spend time with his son because she thinks her lakes maturity. So because of that she wants full custody of his son.

She gives Tyga a weekend visit but now it’s finished. And they told Blac Chyna that she wants child support to cover his food, nannies housing expenses and school.

Blac Chyna will do what she will do to end a relationship with Tyga. Even they are bringing their son into middle of that love triangle. For getting the attention of Tyga, Chyna is fighting for custody of his son.

She feels so bad that Tyga Chose Kylie instead of her. After insulting Tyga and Kylie on Twitter and Instagram, this case was second attack on them after a week to get the attention of her ex.

Whenever she looks her son, she looks to the men whom she loved a lot and wants to spend her whole life. She wants Tyga back in her life. And they want to be a family again. But she knows it’s not possible at all now. Every time she wants to call him out from social media. Because she hurting deeply inside and want that he know or feel his pain.

After the case of full custody, it seems like another way to make Tyga to feel some emotional pain. Now this love triangle is now in some difficult situations and it looks like that their son King Cairo has to come in the middle of them both.

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