Best Laptops for Ableton Software in 2020

Best Laptops for Ableton

Music these days is not just about listening or playing it on any instrument it’s much more than that. If you are into composing, recording, mixing, editing or anything else related to the making of the music, you must be aware of softwares like Steinberg Cubase, Bitwig Studio, Ableton, etc. With the softwares we might not need a lot of equipment along with the laptop yet we bring to you some essential specifications that will help you to sail smoothly.

Best Laptops for Ableton

Some of these are, a preferred OS of Windows 10 or MacOs Mojave, a processor of Intel Core i7, and a minimum RAM of 8GB to 16GB. If your laptop is capable of running Ableton 10 then it will also support its previous versions, even the lighter ones. Let us have a look at Best Laptops for Ableton Laptops 2020:

  1. Apple MacBook Pro-Touch bar: The first in the list has to be Apple. Its CPU has 3.3 GHz clock rate and a processor of Intel Core i7 dual-core, GPU Intel Iris Graphics 550, an amazing display of 13.3 inches, storage up to 1TB SSD. The biggest plus point of Apple MacBook Pro is its performance display and its majestic design.
  2. LG gram – It is one of the thinnest Ableton laptops we will see around which makes it the best buy for Ableton 7 laptops. It is durable, supporting all required specifications embedded with latest in technology, it is a value for money kind of a laptop. It lets you operate with the stylus, being thin makes it easily portable with the 15.6 HD display it is an IPC touch system machine. What makes it a desire of all music composers is that it works for 16.5 hours straight, now that’s something that gives you entry into the list of Best Laptops for Ableton Laptops 2020. It also enables you to work in the dark with its backlit keyboard though the keys are flat and they might be quite a pain while using. Another important feature that this device is embedded with is that data can be easily transferred with its thunderbolt ports.
  3. Gigabyte aero 15 X V8 BK-4: World’s first full HD 144 Hz IPS panel having a thin bezel, it has 15.6-inch resolve anti-glare LCD display with multicolored backlight. This laptop is high on quality and low on pocket, as it is equipped with 2.2 GHz 8th generation Intel core i7. 8750H Pro claims to have 50% more productivity along with 16GB DDR4 RAM which is much faster than DDR3. Aero 15X is certified by x-rite pantone colour calibration which means that it will offer dynamic, true, and versatile colours, which is why this laptop stands out in the race of Best Laptops for Ableton Laptops 2020. It has an amazing battery life of 10 hours. It is light, portable, and durable. With all those features this laptop is very light on your pocket.
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300- Ableton 7-10: Acer is known for having one of the best gaming laptops but this laptop is even suitable for Ableton Digital Audio Work (DAW). Since gaming laptops require high end graphics this laptop has no compromises on it. Other striking features of this laptop are that it has an amazing HD display with Backlit keyboard and it produces musical notes that are crystal clear. Another important and commendable feature of this laptop is that it can go on for 7 hours and along with handling overheating, a new feature has been added that is AeroBlade 3D fans, this feature has been recently added by Acer.
  5. MS GS 65 Stealth- Windows Laptop for Ableton Live 10: Yet another thin laptop with a display of 15.6 inches. In this laptop MS has worked on minimising the noise and the temperature. It enables you to switch between multiple profiles that well enable CPU and GPU to give you maximum output. 512 GB SSD helps you operate Ableton Live 10 in an uninterrupted way. Since it is also a gaming laptop, it is high on graphics moreover it is capable of going on for 8 hours in a single charge. Though it does not have a very great heat management system but some amount of work has been done by cooler boost trinity consisting of 3 whirlwind blade fans and 4 heat pipes. It also uses thunderbolt 3 interface to give you an amazing data transfer experience.
  6. Acer aspire 7– If you are a beginner in the music industry this laptop is for you, it has a stunning display of 15.6 inches full HD IPS screen which provides better view of applications. It has 2.2 GHz Intel core i7 processor making it a much faster laptop in its series. It has 8GB DDR4 RAM which is quite low when compared to the other laptops that we have discussed above, but since it is DDR4, it still works faster. It has a battery life of 7 hours which is very low owing to the use of ableton software. In Spite of all these we can say that this laptop has a great processor. It is very affordable and sturdy and is capable of providing amazing wireless connectivity. It is very low on budget and is one of the perfect laptops for the beginners in our list.

The list of Best Laptops for Ableton Laptops 2020 basically includes laptops for all the categories be it in the term of usage from experts to beginners or in terms of the money that you can invest from most costly laptops to the one that might suit you pockets. We hope that you might have found a laptops that you desire to have according to your needs.

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