Some of the best laptops available for the photographers for Photoshop

Which are the best laptops available in the market for Photoshop and other image-related editing software? In order to do your work efficiently, you need a laptop with high screen resolution and many colors, a quick track pad that responds instantly along with sufficient storage and power.

best laptops available for the photographers for Photoshop

Your work is also an important factor when deciding about the type of laptop you need. Many photographers work as a freelancer and they have to move from one place to another place. Hence, for them, portability is the topmost priority.

If you have your own studio and do your work from there then you can pick up a machine that can be fixed in your studio with a bigger screen.

As the price of electronic items such as laptops, computers, etc keeps increasing day by day, it has become very costly to buy a high-quality laptop. If you have sufficient money then you can go for one, otherwise, you can take short term loans from a direct lender to bear the cost of the laptop which you need for photo editing.

Here we will go through some of the best laptops available in the market for Photoshop.

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

It is one of the most popular series of Dell since years. It has a very big screen with high resolution.

  • Very thing and light design
  • Robust Processing
  • Large Touch screen
  • Only negative point is loud fans
  • Brilliant Power

Specification: Processor: Intel Core i5-i7. Graphics: Radeon RX Vega M GL. Screen: 15.6 inch Full HD 4K UHD. Storage: 512 GB SSD. Memory: 8GB RAM. Dimension: Starting at 354(w) x 235(d) x 90(h) mm. Weight: 2 kg (4.36lbs)

 Mac Book Pro (2018) with Touch Bar

This laptop from Apple cannot be left behind when it comes to sorting out the best laptops for Photoshop. It is an outstanding laptop for running a powerful program of various types. It has a great build quality with excellent touch functionality.

  • Outstanding Build Quality
  • Touch Bar to work with Photoshop
  • Though it is bit expensive

Specification: Processor: Intel Core i7. Graphics: Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB Memory. Screen: 15.6 inch 2880 x 1800. Storage: 256GB 512 GB 1TB 2TB or 4TB SSD. Memory: 16GB or 32GB RAM. Dimension:  34.93(w) x 24.07(d) x 1.55cm (h). Weight: 1.83 kg (4.02lbs)

Microsoft Surface Book 2

It is among the top of Microsoft’s Surface range laptops. It comes with a load of power, a multi-touch display which can be used as a digital sketchbook.

  • Fabulous build quality and screen
  • Can work as a digital sketchbook as well because of multi touch display
  • Loads of power
  • Require a surface dock for expansion

Specification:  Intel Core i5-i7 | GraphicsIntel UHD Graphics 620-NVIDIA GeForce | Screen13.5-inch 1920×1200-3200×1800 | Storage128GB-1TB SSD | Memory8GB-16GB RAM | Dimensions312(w)mm x 232(d)mm x 23(h)mm | Weight1.6kg (3.62lbs)

Razer Blade 14

This laptop may be built for gaming purpose but it is an incredible machine for Photoshop work as well.

  • Slim and Light Weight
  • Extremely powerful
  • Cool keyboard

Specification: Processor: Intel Core i7 | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6GB VRAM | Screen: 14-inch UHD screen | Storage: 1TB SSD | Memory: 16GB RAM | Dimensions: Starting at 345(w) x 235(d) x 17.9(h) mm | Weight: 1.95kg (4.3lbs)

Dell Precision 7720

It is the most basic specification of Dell so you have to customize it as per your need. After customization, you can do all the work related to Photoshop.

  • Huge Screen
  • Highly Configurable
  • It lacks portability
  • Needs customization

Specification: ProcessorIntel Core i7 | GraphicsNVIDIA Quadro M1200 | Screen17-inch 3840×2160 | Storage512GB SSD | Memory16GB RAM | DimensionsStarting at 417(w) x 281(d) x 28.5(h) mm | Weight3.4kg (7.5lbs)


We have discussed and saw some laptops for Photoshop. You can select any one from the above list according to your budget. In case you have a shortage of money, you can take a loan from an online lender and finance your laptop.

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