Smartphones VS Tablets VS Laptop

This is a pure technology world. One cannot imagine his life without technology. Now, each and everything in this world is available on your fingertips. Among these gadgets in the market, it is really difficult to select one. In Smartphones VS tablets VS laptop, the war is on. Everyday a new gadget comes with new features.

Smartphones VS Tablets VS Laptop

So, we have decided to mention some benefits of Smartphones VS tablets VS laptop in order to help you in deciding your device. We are highlighting some major uses of these devices and their uses.


A laptop has much more space as compared to a tablet or any smart phone. If you want to do any kind of programming, you need a proper laptop for it. It helps you in proper storage of your data. Many smartphones such as Apple iPhone provide powerful processors, but these cannot be compared to laptops which contains up to 1 TB storage. Tablets may have 8 GB storage and Mobiles also provide external storage.


Nothing can beat smart phones when it comes to mobility. You can carry them everywhere with you. Laptops are not even in race when it comes to mobility. Tablets, on the other hand are mobile but smart phones are the easiest gadget to carry.


If you want to Google something, the most convenient way is to use your smart phone or your tablet. Smartphones VS tablets VS laptop has many edges over each other. In browsing smart phones beats the rest of the gadgets.


Thousands of android games are available on smart phones. You can also play games on your laptops and tablets. Tablets provide an excellent experience in games.


When it comes to work, laptop is the easiest way to complete your work. No doubt all applications are available in smart phones also, which eases your tasks very much. But you cannot make lengthy charts and other detailed documents in your smart phones.


In today’s world, people love to make memories. In my opinion, smart phones have the best cameras. They shows mind-blowing results and make this world more beautiful.


Now, smart phones and tablets are very durable. But, laptops are the most powerful and durable device among these three. You can run a laptop for many years without any problem. Bit smart phone and tablet will start making troubles and you may end up in changing your device.


Smartphones VS tablets VS laptop, each of them has its own benefit. These three technology gadgets are mind-blowing in each and every aspect. You can enjoy voice calling and other function with your phone but office work requires the laptop. For e-books, tablets are suitable.

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