Best Solar Manufacturer Company in India

As the world braces for a looming energy crisis, fueled by skyrocketing oil prices because of fewer resources to go ground and increasing demand for energy around, solar panels are becoming a more beneficial and attractive solution for powering our energy-hungry world. As the cost of fossil fuels increases and as the value of the environment becomes a major concern, solar panels are becoming more affordable, economical, and cost-effective — in the long run.

Best Solar Company in India

Solar panels create electricity by converting energy from the sun into electricity. The energy that the sun provides is free, but transferring it into electricity is not free. In the past, solar panels were a useful source, but also the expensive method of providing power. However, as the market demands green alternatives, and as more businesses and individuals install solar panel systems into their homes and businesses, solar panels are being produced on a larger scale, and are therefore becoming a lot more cost-effective.

As solar technologies and other green technologies such as wind power products become more widely used, it will become a lot cheaper — and is becoming a lot cheaper. Once the solar panels are widely used all over the world, and as the cost of fossil fuels increases to the point where it is actually more expensive than green technologies like solar panels, the cost of these technologies will be more affordable for the industrial centers of the world, like India and China, to afford. It is the responsibility of all of us, around the world to do everything we can to promote and use green technologies like solar panels, inverters, and others. 

Citizen Solar is one of the leading solar companies in India offering Solar Energy Solutions. At Citizen Solar, the professional aim to build a green future for our global community by employing the energy of the Sun. Being a part of an old citizen group for over 3 decades, an ISO 9001-14001 & SMERA rated company, they are one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in India, dealing with technologically astute, innovative and trending solutions for industrial and business use.  Furnished with world-class machinery, industry-leading infrastructure, its head office is located in Ahmedabad. The Group has prosperously served a wide range of industries and businesses spread over multiple verticals such as manufacturing and export, Textiles, Real Estate, Publishing, Consultancy, Advertising, and more.

With a strong focus on the fact that plenty of energy sources on our mother earth are wind and solar energy, the Citizen Solar has come up with a variety of manufacturing facilities like Solar PV Modules, Solar Water Heaters, Inverters, and other Accessories.  

Citizen Solar encompasses three major divisions that incorporate Citizen Solar Technology which is a prime solar panel manufacturer with a PAN India presence, Citizen Solar Water Heaters that are widely known for their optimum quality Solar Water Heaters available in the market under the same brand name “Citizen” and Citizen EPC to deliver best quality installations through in house experienced Engineers and Technicians maintaining high standard Customer-friendly  pay scale Services.

The manufacturing facilities of Citizen Solar are accompanied by skilled and qualified technicians, engineers in addition to full research & development staff. Maintaining strict compliances, our facilities are equipped with safety standards and quality control. Citizen solar panels are ideal for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial requirements.

Their marketing, sales, engineering teams, and customer services are dedicated to supporting the needs of our customers. They offer their customers with a superior degree of quality standards through cutting – edge technology, top-class workmanship, and best quality material. This helps Citizen Solar in making the abundant solar energy affordable to use through simple solar energy solutions.

Reach Citizen Solar today for the most premium quality Solar panel at affordable prices!

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