Best Technology Apps that Will Make Your Life Easier

Best Technology Apps – Technology is such a crucial factor in the development of all things today. Without technology, we wouldn’t be able to communicate the way we do, there wouldn’t be any online shipping, and no GPS to show you the right roads.Technology was, is, and will always be something that we can leverage in a positive way.

Technology apps

In today’s times, digital applications have already become a huge trend. As the majority of people hold a smartphone in their pockets, app developers understood the importance of apps that can help their users solve daily issues.

Most people lack one thing, and that is time. You might be in the same situation, and you might understand how important time-management and task-management are in a professional field.

These little special helpers – I’m talking about apps – should not be neglected. If you find something that suits your lifestyle well, you might just double your productivity and make your life much easier!
Without further ado, let’s see the best technology apps that will make your life easier:

In case you don’t have time for a gym session each day, this app will cut the excuses for not working out at least a few minutes a day. 7 Minute Workout gives you 12 efficient exercises (with 30 seconds break between each) that any one of you can do at home or in a relatively small place. A little sport each day will give you extra energy which will eventually lead to a higher productivity and more results.

Here’s an app for every student that wants to organize his academic life in the proper manner. Schoolhub Students offers every user a dashboard full of useful features. You have a calendar, notes, a cloud space, and an automatic updates bot. Whenever something’s due, the app lets you know. Moreover, you can store all your academic files in one place and leverage it whenever you need it.

Ever feel the need of talking to somebody? Using Talkspace, you can get in direct touch with a certified counseling professional. You can share your problems and ask for solutions in a private and very efficient way. Why go to the local psychologist when you can do it from your home, office, or while you are on vacation.


If cooking is a hustle, Mealime will solve that problem. This is a meal-planning application which helps you make healthy dishes without taking too long. You can choose what foods you usually eat, eliminate the foods you don’t want, and eventually pick what you eat. The app will give you a grocery list and instructions to make prepare delicious foods.

This is an Android only app that keeps track of the time you spend on your phone.Besides it telling you exactly how much time you have spent on your smartphone, it also gives you interesting facts on how many times you’ve unlocked the phone, how many times you’ve accessed X or Y app, and much more.

In order to function properly, we need to stay hydrated all the time. Unfortunately, most people forget about this important rule. Waterlogged is a cool app that will keep reminding you to drink some more water. It tracks your water intake and shows you how much it’s left until you finish your daily dose.

Here’s another student-friendly tool that most of you students can definitely use to improve your academic performance. Because most of the assignments at school dance around essays, you can simply let Essay Geeks’ professional writers take care of your homework. In case you need help preparing your dissertation perhaps, they can help you with that too!


You should find at least one or two apps that fit your lifestyle and needs. Get used to them first, and only after that judge whether they were useful or not. You never know until you try!

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