You can find CBD – also known as cannabidiol –  almost everywhere you look. It is popularly known for its potential to relieve pain and combat other severe health conditions. This product is an extract from hemp or marijuana with no THC concentration. This means that unlike marijuana, CBD does not make the patient feel high.

CBD oil for kids

It is available in various forms, like oils, vaping, cocktails, gummies, coffee, lotions, etc. Cannabidiol has been publicly portrayed as an adequate treatment for various health complications, like cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, and migraines.

Adults are not the only ones who use CBD to help relieve pain. Parents turn to it to help their kids sleep, calm down, focus, and more. However, little research is being conducted on the safety of CBD for kids. Visit sleep gummy for the problem of sleep issues.


For several years, many people around the world have looked to the hemp plant to treat many health conditions. In 1851, marijuana was classified as a feasible medical compound by the US pharmacopeia that is used in the treatment of several ailments. Health conditions like severe body pain, migraines, and epilepsy were classified into what marijuana can treat.

However, cannabis-related products and marijuana were declared illegal in the US in the year 1970. After that, very little research has been conducted on CBD and marijuana. It was classified as a “Schedule 1” drug. Hence, getting federal funding to help further studies on cannabis became extremely difficult.

A renowned child clinical director aired out his concerns by indicating that the little knowledge on the effect of CBD on children is something to be cautious of.


Despite the popular anecdotal proofs of the advantages of CBD, there are several risks involved when these products are used on children. Here are some of them:

·        The amount of CBD delivered in products is inconsistent and unreliable. This implies that products could contain more or less of the CBD amount than advertised. Most of these products do not provide sole verification of active contents. Hence, it is difficult to depend on the quality of the CBD products in the market. Learn more about this on Berkshirecbd.

·        Products barely provide accurate information about the amount of CBD that gets to the brain. Several systems of delivery, like oral medication, edible products, vaping, etc., offer different delivery rates. Even a CBD-dissolved oil can offer different delivery effects.

·        A renowned medical practitioner aired his concerns regarding CBD products being given to kids to help them sleep. He indicated that a child may have worsening sleep issues when the dosage stops. This also happens to kids who have grown tolerant to the product.

·        In itself, cannabidiol is a safe medication. However, it may have adverse effects in the liver depending on any medication that the child is taking.


The World Health Organization acknowledged the increase in the unsanctioned uses of cannabidiol for medical purposes. This forced them to continue studying its effects and safety. They concluded that CBD has a decent safety profile and is well tolerated. 

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