Charlotte McKinney wears sheer lingerie dress for music video

Charlotte McKinney wears sheer lingerie dress for music video—The 23 year old model appeared in the clip for a song performed by Pete Yorn. The song was titled ‘I’m Not The One.’ The actress from Baywatch has bared almost all her feminine assets in her sheer lingerie dress. She also exposed her full sexy body in the video.

Charlotte McKinney wears sheer lingerie dress for music video

The newest shots pertaining to the video of the song feature the young actress in a lacy balconette bra and a sheer silky robe which does very little to cover her body. The robe is pink in color.

During the song, the actress is seen with her blonde hair tied into a ponytail so that her glowing decolletage could be perfectly displayed.

In another shot from the same music video, the model turned actress is seen entering into a kitchen in her sheer lingerie dress where she is laying blue colored china plates on the table. Then she stares into a pasta box that is empty.

Later, she is seen strolling towards a bathroom where she looks into the mirror in a provocative manner. She wraps slipping off one of her shoulders.

Then, things take an ugly turn as she is seen walking in a skimpy underwear and a T-shirt with a large baseball bat in her hands. Its other end resting on her shoulder. She also seems to discover a camera that was hidden and recording the happenings inside her bedroom.

The meaning behind the song and its enticing video was revealed Pete to a magazine. He said that the song depicted those moments when a person simply wants to be alone. He / she are seeking a connection but they have closed off every possible way of letting anyone in.

Pete further said that such people will also justify their own loneliness and isolation in their minds since they have no intention of getting out of their own comfort zones.

The 42 year old Pete is a US guitarist, drummer, singer and songwriter. He was born in New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles after having completed his graduation. He is starting a tour in the current month and is scheduled to visit Nashville, Las Vegas, Denton, Austin and Atlanta.

Charlotte McKinney is an American model and actress. She was born in Orlando, Florida. Her older sister is named Garland. She dropped out of school at 17 and began pursuing a modelling career.

She did not have initial success which made her turn towards Instagram for establishing her portfolio. She soon became a famous Instagram star.

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