Charlotte McKinney Flashes Massive Cleavage on Instagram

Model Charlotte McKinney, is looking super-hot in a picture recently shared on social media

Charlotte McKinney Flashes Massive Cleavage on Instagram

On Sunday, Charlotte McKinney shared a new picture on social media website Instagram. In the picture, the swimsuit model was seen in a white outfit which displayed her deep cleavage as well as her long legs. McKinney is standing in a car without any roof. The sultry model definitely looks like an icon.

Obviously, when it is a question of showing her massive cleavage, Charlotte McKinney does not seem to have any problems at all.
Charlotte McKinney is a very hard worker.

Her perseverance has allowed her to carve a place for herself in an industry that frowns upon aspiring models who have a rather full figure. Ashley Graham is one of those models who had to endure this discrimination, however, she worked hard in remained in shape. McKinney thinks that Ashley Graham is a great role model for fuller models.

Born and raised in Florida, McKinney is the younger among two siblings. Her older sister is named Garland. In her school, she was bullied by her class fellows as her body began developing during puberty.

She dropped out of school at the age of 17 and tried becoming a model. Her first option was a modelling agency which did not bring the required results. She turned towards Instagram where she posted her portfolio. She became an instant hit and was profiled by Esquire.

Charlotte McKinney says that social networking service is one of the most important factors in her success. She was later featured in All Natural Burger commercial and Carl’s Jr ad. In the All Natural ad, McKinney is seen strolling in a market and saying that she is All Natural.

The viewer thinks that McKinney is completely naked and the strategically placed items in the market are covering her most intimate parts. It is revealed towards the end that she is actually wearing a bikini and eating an All Natural Burger. The video instantly became a hit on social media.

Charlotte McKinney has appeared in at least three films. She is also considered as one of the biggest hits on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers.

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