How Kate Upton’s Breasts Redefined the Fashion Industry Norms

The big breasted model has changed the way people look at a girl’s most prized assets. Upton is a favorite among young girls, and most of them like Kate Upton’s breasts more than they love the model herself.

How Kate Upton’s Breasts Redefined the Fashion Industry Norms

This is because Upton has helped them love their own breasts. Kate Upton is one of those models who make girls feel good about themselves. There are a lot of models, some of them who are considered extremely desirable.

However, when a girl really comes in contact with some of the lithe women with tiny breasts and even tinier nipples, they feel their self-confidence diminishing. Most of the girls possess bodies that are rather good and they do not face discrimination at school or other institutes on a daily basis.

Fashion industry has a way of enhancing the inherent fears in young girls. Big, soft and juicy breasts are supposed to be a young girl’s biggest assets. The fashion industry had makes them feel they are a burden.

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Girls would devise ways of achieve the perfect model cleavage. Others must remember their grandmothers tucking currency notes and even, in some instances, keys to house, into their breasts. Being well-endowed did have some great perks of its own.

Breasts are very topics in the fashion industry. In the real world, possessing big boobs is regarded as a blessing but if a girls has big breasts in the fashion industry, they will kill her career. Recently, a very famous model could not walk the Raf Simon’s Dior couture because her boobs were big. Her cup size is a meagre 32A.

Then, Kate Upton came barging into the fashion scene around three years ago. Kate Upton’s breasts were not only big, they were also round, soft and glorious.

Kate Upton’s breasts would pop out of swimming suits and bras. But the best part was that Upton simply loved having those breasts. When Kate Upton made it to the cover of GQ magazine, something clicked. The double page picture of the model lying topless over grass was simply awesome.

Of course, not every girl would be infatuated with Kate Upton, but her increasing popularity is a sign that she has not only survived in the fashion industry, she is also setting new trends for big breasted women. It is a victory of every western girl.

Kate Upton has provided women with a chance to see how the most beautiful designer clothes will look on their own bodies. If it wasn’t for Kate Upton, the fashion industry myths would have done away with any model whose breasts grew a pint bigger.

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