Chicken Coops – The different types and ways to choose the best one

People might want to house different Gingernut Rangers of Bantams as their garden flock! However, it is essential to select the correct chicken housing. Today, you have multiple sizes and styles about the same. It’s a smart decision to research and then opt-in for the one you like best.

Chicken Coops

The best chicken coops to choose from are:

  1. Mobile coops

As the name suggests, you can move this chicken housing! It ranges from the small chicken tractors which you can mobile with your hand to the big portable coops that might require a tractor to move. The capacity varies from a few hens to several thousand. Generally, the mobile chicken coops are open towards the bottom to enable the chicken to get complete access to the ground underneath them. Hence, they can peck, scratch as well as eat insects and the small bugs. They can also locate weed seeds as well as eat grass and take dust baths.

  • Stationary coops

You can’t move this chicken housing!  These coops are individual set-ups that get built inside a more prominent structure, for instance, a barn. The coops come with a solid floor that gets made of concrete, block, and wood. The stationary coops might come with an attached chicken run that provides the chicken with some access to outdoors and also contact the ground.

  • Semi-mobile chicken coops

It’s a chicken housing that rests in between the two extremes. You can move these coops, but it gets designed in a way that you need to keep it in one place for months or weeks. The best example here is the shed-style coop that gets developed on the skids, which can get pulled by a vehicle or tractor.

Today, various service providers can provide you with the best chicken coop. To know more about this, you can get in touch with That Chicken Coop.

How to choose the best chicken coop?

Selecting a chicken coop design is a crucial decision. It is a structure that is going to act as a house for your hen and also shelter it. Additionally, it needs to sit well and look good in your yard. Hence, you need to get very careful when you choose one for your yard.

It is essential to know the design that best fits the requirement. You might keep the chicks inside a brooder for a while. After that, it’s natural to want to keep them in a well-built chicken coop. Hence, the design should be such that accommodates your style and also provide ample shelter and comfort to the chickens. For this, you need to consider a few features and factors, such as:

  • Security is crucial

Build a chicken coop that the predators can’t attack or breach! You need to develop it and keep it 6 inches off from the ground for limiting the rodents from chewing the coop from ground level. You might also want to make use of half-inch hardware cloth wire in place of chicken wire for layering the opening. Make sure that there’s a stable door that you can close and latch at night so that the flock is safe and sound.

  • Nesting boxes

You need to decide on the nesting boxes, which can come in a ratio of 1 for every three to four hens.

  • Ventilation

The windows that open freely and come with the rood ridge are the ones that provide ample ventilation. Also, proper ventilation makes sure the coop stays free from all the toxic ammonia fumes.

  • Roost and Perch bar

You should opt-in for 2 x 4 board and install the same. It will enable the chickens to sit on the side that 4-inch side. You can also opt-in for a stable tree branch and a roost bar, which is non-slippery. The chickens which need to perch right on the wire edge end up getting food injuries, for instance, crooked toes and bumble feet.

The coop measurement and dimension

Choosing the size and aspects of the chicken coop is essential, as well. With several types and styles to select from, you might find this a challenging decision. The chicken tractors, big free standing coops, converted garden shed, small hutches, commercial developed coop, and others are a few choices to opt-in for. You should also keep in mind the calculation that will help to customize the size of the chicken coop.

It is always better to opt-in for a coop that can add in more chickens, as gradually, you will keep adding to the flock. The easy calculation is to ensure that the coop varies between three and four foot, per bird. It is one guideline that most chicken coop owners maintain. And if you, the flock should stay for a longer time, ensure that the coop space varies between seven and eight feet per chicken.

It is one of the best ways to raise chicken. It will allow them to roam around freely on the grass and be safe from any external dangers or predator attacks. The structure remains well planted on the ground and come with small wheels on the side. It enables you to move the coop to a new spot whenever you want.

That is not all! There are various advantages to the tractor chicken coop design. It provides ample freedom to the chickens and allows them much space for digging and scratching. It is always best to save up and have the budget to afford this coop design. However, when you have the classic fenced in the backyard case, the issues about the predator might not arise. There are huge chicken tractors that are heavy, and it comprises a tiny coop at one corner, which you can close during the night time.

It is essential to choose the best service provider for the chicken coop! Ensure that the service provider you select makes use of the best materials that makes the chicken coops sturdy and durable. Also, compare the price of the coops to select the one that fits your requirements and budget well.

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