Conflicting Iran Nuclear Agreement, Chuck Schumer Knocks Representative Firewall

In the previous days the Iranian Nuclear deal made huge noise on international platforms and USA and Iran stretched this deal long enough but after many months and big efforts form the Obama government the deal was finally secured.

Conflicting Iran Nuclear Agreement, Chuck Schumer Knocks Representative Firewall

Now after all this drama the Senator Chuck Schumer who is the most powerful Jewish voice in Congress, said last Thursday night that he openly opposes President Obama’s deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

This doesn’t seem right that to oppose such a deal on which you work hard for many months and when the future of two nations are on the line. Supporters on both sides have solid cases of their point of view that cannot simply be terminated.

This has made assessing the contract a difficult and cautious attempt. According to the senator, after profound study, cautious thought and significant soul-searching he has decided to oppose the agreement and is going to vote yes on a motion of disapproval.

Media is saying that Mr. Schumer had consumed quite a few weeks carrying a damaged copy of the contract in his briefcase and is continuously meeting with Mr. Obama and bureaucrats like Wendy R. Sherman.

Now for other Democrats who are also against the contract have the option to join Republicans for the change. The best part is one source reveals that Schumer was supposed to hold off making his disagreement in public unless there are sufficient votes of the Republicans for an override.

Another source aware of Schumer’s decision told that the senator informed the White House today of his motive to oppose the deal. He intentionally planned to make his decision public on Friday.

This comes as a big surprise to the commission that was handling the deal including Mr. Obama. Now Schumer’s preferences on the deal had been carefully watched because the strategy to release authorizations on Tehran in interchange for right to use to possible nuclear sites was proclaimed in early July.

Everybody knows Schumer holds a key vote both for his reputation for the top Jewish Democrat in Congress and the hope that he’ll turn out to be the Democratic leader in the Senate when Minority Leader Harry Reid steps down at the end of his tenure in 2016.

Senator Schumer believes in his decision and he is hoping that with matters of principles and great importance like this each member eventually comes to their own decision.

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  • No doubt, the majority of the US citizens don’t want this deal. Whatever Obama pushes for, the US citizens goes against, especially when it pertains to the Middle East. The citizens don’t trust Obama. Thank you Mr. Schumer for listening to the people you represent.

  • I hope the rest of the politicians realize Obama’s intentions are not for the good of the US–or the rest of the western world. Obama supports those who hate us.

  • The deal will go into effect even without the Republican congress. The first bunker busting bomb that is dropped by the US to eliminate Iran’s Nuclear processes will mean big problems for Israel. From what I read the American Jews and Israeli Military Brass support The Iran Deal. Obviously the Top Brass knows what will happen if WE Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran.

  • I have a feeling this Iran “deal” was what Obama was talking about secretly with Putin before the last election that was recorded on a hot mic. Telling Putin to be patient until after the election when he would have more flexibility. This sure is a great deal for Obama’s personal new allies – Russia, China, Cuba and Iran.

  • Michael, you’re spot on with your support. Teapublicans have done nothing to improve America, just always something negative, one negative BS move after another. Always negative. Republicans have an Adolph Hitler agenda, non stop hate and confusion & solutions that are always evil toward everyone. What about the people that keep voting for them and why do they adore electing Adolph supporters?