Court Ordered Bill Cosby to Testify in Second Sexual Assault Case

Bill Cosby was alleged with sexual assault acquisitions for than 3000 times by different women and to be fair if so many women are standing against one man than there will be definitely something wrong. And now for the 35 time he is once again be brought under oath in a second case where a woman is condemning him of sexual assault.

Court ordered Bill Cosby to Testify in Second Sexual Assault Case

It clearly is not new or surprising for Bill as he had gone through numerous allegations of this type. The new development of this case shows that Bill Cosby will be interrogated under oath in October in a second case involving accusations that he sexually assaulted a young woman, a judge said on Wednesday.

Recent development shows no major breakthrough in the case but the judge on last Wednesday told that the 78-year-old performer will definitely be interrogated this October for the accusations made by Judy Huth. The claim made by Judy shows that Cosby molested her when she was only 15 years old and according to the states la this is a serious crime.

The statement of Mr. Cosby was now revealed to the media: “Ms. Huth has appealed that Mr. Cosby forced her to do a sex act on him at the Playboy Mansion.” Regarding the case linking Judy Huth who is a California woman who claimed that she was molested at the age of 15 was permitted to go forward last month. We have to mention here that the California Supreme Court denied Mr. Cosby’s request for review.

Interesting point of view of this case is many women have already appealed that they were sexually assailed by Cosby but the law in this matter support Bill as due to the statute of limitations laws for such rights most of them cannot go on in court.

Media is saying that the judge ordered Mr. Cosby’s deposition to be took place on Oct. 9 and Ms. Huth’s on Oct. 15. This is one of the rare complaints against Mr. Cosby that find its way in civil court only because the supposed abuse occurred as she was minor then.

Now the favor turns as the statute of limitations in California is protracted for adults who state they were sufferers of sexual abuse. Up till now more than two dozen women accused Bill Cosby he was never charged with a crime.

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