Dog Bite Victim Guide – Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Attack

Did you know that in the States, the likelihood of dying from a dog bite is much more than getting struck by lightning or being in an air crash? In fact, another survey has gone as far as reporting dogs being the fourth deadliest creature on this planet.


Dog Bite Victim Guide

Vicious dog showing teeth and biting hand.

Shocking, isn’t it? After all, it’s man’s best friend that we are talking about.

But the truth of the matter is even though there are millions of stories depicting the animal’s unwavering loyalty and bravery towards their owner and their well-being — there are also numerous instances, recorded and unrecorded, that have proven that this four-legged creature can be just as vicious and frightening too.

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There are, on an average, 900+ Emergency Room visits daily concerning dog bites and attacks.

Were you one of them too?

If yes, come take a look with us at this play-by-play handbook that can guide you to get the best compensation in such a scenario.

Can I Sue For A Dog Bite?

While every state within the country has its own laws and rules in regards to a dog bite and its consequences, there are 36 states which have already imposed a strict liability law for such matters. It means that the dog’s owner or keeper would be responsible for paying towards any harm done by their pets. Whether said owner knew previously about the dog’s viciousness or whether the animal itself had behaved in such a way earlier does not factor into this decision.

On the contrary, only 14 states, like New York, Nevada, and Vermont, etc. show slightly more leniency towards these dog owners.

In Texas, for instance, there is a One-bite rule, which states that if the pet’s owner had any existing knowledge about how dangerous their pet can be or if said pet has had any previous incident of this nature, they would be liable to pay towards any costs that come up as a result of the harm thus inflicted by the animal. This can include medical costs, an amount equivalent to the wages lost, as well as compensation for the physical and mental trauma the victim goes through. Such payouts can be received either through an out-of-court settlement or with the help of personal injury attorneys who also specialize in a dog bite claim.

Determining If The Owner Was Responsible

The owners of pets all over have certain laws they are required to abide by when domesticating an animal. In the case of a dog, keeping it on a leash in public places and installing the beware signages in their home are examples of the same.

If the owner is found in opposition to any such rules, either through neglect or through ignorance, they can be held directly responsible for any injuries caused by the pet.

Now that you have already ascertained whether the owner is liable or not, let us take a look at the steps you need to take further to apply for a claim.

The Step-By-Step After A Dog Bite

While there can be additional steps involved in the process depending on state to state, the following are the steps that form a part of every process chain.

Seeking Medical Attention

First and foremost, calling 911 or getting immediate help through a licensed medical professional is necessary. This is to ensure that your injury does not become worse and you get the treatment at the earliest to eliminate the risk of any infections and further grievances.

Documenting Injuries

Though we can absolutely understand the kind of pain you must be in, it is of utmost importance that you document all the injuries you’ve received at the “hands” of the animal. Simply clicking photographs of all the wounds and lacerations can also go a long way in proving to the court the extent of harm you suffered.

Exchanging Contact Details

Be sure that while you wait for help, you get the contact information of the pet owner as well. This is essential so that you may later get in touch with them to discuss the case you wish to file or the compensation you want to receive.

Exchanging contact details


Gathering Evidence

Always take a good look at the scene of the accident and ascertain if you have any witnesses to the attack or if there are any cameras nearby that could have recorded the entire incident. If you find any of these, ensure that you gather their and those details as well. This can help make your case stronger if you need to present it to a judge.

Informing the Essential Parties

Sharing this information is crucial, not just with your friends and family, but also with the proper state authorities like Animal Control or even the Police. Additionally, get in touch with a lawyer at the earliest as well. The sooner you call an attorney after the incident, the easier it is for them to file a case or gather any necessary evidence that you might have missed out on.

Average Payout In A Dog Bite Case

As per a 2019 study by the Insurance Information Institute, the average compensation given in the US is $44,760. This amount, however, can vary depending on the state.

Final Word Of Advice

A dog bite can easily range from a minor injury to even a fatality in several cases. And while we cannot help you prevent that attack, we definitely wish to help you thereafter in receiving the due justice and compensation. Regardless of what state you are in, if it’s the US, just follow these steps and we are certain it would bring you a step closer to achieving a favorable ruling.

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