Facebook News Feed refurbished for Clickbait stories

According to the recent updates, Facebook News Feed refurbished for Clickbait stories. The company is working really hard in this context. The company has announced these changes recently. It will have a strong impact on the news feed coming on the profiles of users. Here we are discussing it in detail.

Facebook News Feed refurbished for Clickbait stories

Facebook News Feed Refurbished for Clickbait Stories:

All the news are coming from a blog which is maintained by the Facebook itself. The blog says that the millions of users of Facebook are asking to have authentic as well as valid news in their news feed. This is why the company has planned to have Facebook News Feed refurbished for Clickbait stories.

This is the reason that the company is working and is planning to provide it to the users by the next week. Now, we are going to tell you everything in detail. First of all, the company has divided these news feed into two types. The first type of these news feeds are valid and authentic. This means that these news are not just rumors and has some value. On the other hand, the Facebook news feeds are unauthentic and invalid. These are nothing but just rumors posted by some pages or links.

Facebook News Feed refurbished for Clickbait stories. Now, the company would be able to identify all news. It will include all pages as well as links present on the Facebook. If the news are invalid, the company will not allow them to post their invalid posts. People try to increase Facebook pages likes on by using these tricks.

On the other hand, the company’s representative have mentioned that of the page has stopped posting irrelevant stuff, then they will be allowed to post again on the Facebook. The blog has cleared that it will have an impact on those ages who are relying on for Clickbait stories. So, these pages should try other things to attract users. There are many other options which can be adopted such as boost your Facebook ads.

Facebook News Feed refurbished and it will be implemented in the near future. This is because of the reason that the effects of Facebook on the society are very deep. Now, the company is working to make these news feeds an authentic source of communication. This blog is easily available on Google as well.


Facebook is a social media website which is used by millions of people in the world. This social media website has a very strong impact on the society. The news feed of Facebook contains many invalid stories. Now, as the company is taking actions to stop these news. So, we can say that now news feed will be valid.

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