Female police officer shoots at unarmed protesters

World terror activities are now taking a whole new level, there is very thin line between right and wrong that now can be distinguish easily. This is the moment a Burundian police officer released fire on anti-government protesters at point-blank range, initiating a violent crowd to outbreak her with stones and knives.

Female police officer shoots at unarmed protesters

The event took place on the roads of the capital Bujumbura as officers conflicted with lots of rioters who had full to the street to demonstrate contrary to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s provocative offer for third term in office.

The Government denied the statement that the Imbonerakure has arranged assaults on opposition groups and condemned the murder.

Female police officer shoots at unarmed protesters  1

A presidential orator said the government should take determined action to prevent them in the future.

Video footage displays the female officer seeing disturbed as she and her companion officers gradually move near the rioters, who stand obliged conflicting to a brick wall. Seconds later a short-lived fight between one of her contemporaries and protester designates to her shooting at the man from no more than ten feet.

This morning the Burundian army demanded to have detained control of the East African country, totaling that they were removing overwhelmed Nkurunziza. Those assertions were swiftly deprived of by the presidential office, though, which dispatched a message Twitter saying that a writhed coup had failed. The 20-second long video shows the female police major looking certainly worried as she and her associates line of attack the rioters.

A civil society advanced and protest leader, told Reuters:

“We expect the east African heads of state to tell President Nkurunziza that the constitution of Burundi and the Arusha peace agreement do not allow him to run for a third term,’ Pacifique Nininahazwe.”

A Reuters observes saw hundreds of protesters adjoining the parliament in Bujumbura and heard at least two gunshots. Police at the passage fired teargas to scatter them. In the center of the capital, another Reuter’s spectator said police used water cannon and teargas to scatter a group of about 100 women protesters.

Protesters say the court was influenced and Britain and other donors have quizzed the court’s neutrality. President mounting ferocity has drawn progressively sturdy reproaches from Western nations and African colleagues. The United States, a key donor to the national army, asked that the police must stop using forceful power against demonstrators.

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