Find a Multi-function Device suited to your company’s print needs

Are you tired of your company’s printing costs and inefficient devices? If you are, then your time for worrying is over. Because you just landed on the right page. You will be able to select the best device for your usage and needs in no time.

In today’s world of innovation and fast development, there are tons of products launched by tech companies every year. Thus it is difficult to catch up on all the releases and choose the best fit for your purpose. But now your printing related woes will be over because this article will lay a list out for you to choose from.

Printing devices

How to choose a suitable MFD according to usage:

All you have to do is, conduct a print audit and analysis of the workplace and assess the monthly needs. And then choose the right multi-function device accordingly. The list, according to monthly usage is comprehensively laid out below:

Monthly usage up-to 5,000 pages

If your print usage is around 5000 pages per month, it means you cannot compromise by having an average device. You need an all-in-one device that can perform scanning, faxing, copying, emailing all at once.

 Thus if you opt for a multi-function print device by Xerox Dubai, it will be your safest bet. Their Versa Link B7025/7030/7035 is the best fit for your company’s needs.

Monthly usage up-to 7,000 pages

If your workplace printing usage is around 7,000 pages every month, then it means your company has a medium to a large workgroup. A high-quality multi-function device will help you reduce costs and hassle. You need a device with a small footprint, but tons of features.

Thus you must check out Versa Link C7025/7030 which has design most suitable for workgroups with the printing needs up-to 7,000 pages in a given month.

Monthly usage up-to 40,000 pages

If your company has hundreds of employees, and your printing needs go as high as 40,000 pages a month, you need a device with excellent specifications. Such a device must have not only the scan, print, copy functions but also mobile connectivity and email facility. It is a very important need in large workplaces nowadays.

Thus, look into the specifications of Alta Link C8035/8055/8070. This might be your ultimate printing device for the next several years.

Monthly usage up-to 150,000 pages

The printing volume of 150,000 pages a month is huge. It requires a highly scalable and very powerful multi-function device. So that the needs of your huge printing volume are fulfilled.

The smartest choice for your big workplace is Alta Link B8045/8055/8075/8090 which has a built-in smart workplace assistant as well. You must choose a device like this because it is well-suited for you, and all other companies with a huge workforce.

Have you decided on the best fit for your printing needs?

No matter how expensive is the equipment present in your office, if it is not the best fit for your workplace, you better let it go. If you’re in Dubai, you must ensure you have the best Multi-function device available for your organization. MFD providers are numerous.  Xerox Dubai and the likes provide a variety of MFDs from which you can select one according to your choice.

Make smart choices. Choose printing devices that add value to your workplace printing environment.

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