The Essential Office Supplies for an Organized Workplace

The Essential Office Supplies for an Organized Workplace

Even though we live in a digital world, where the majority of office supplies are digitalized, in order to run an efficient office, you still need to have some essential office supplies at hand. Why? Well, first of all, during the meeting, having people keep track of what’s going on via their smartphones may be quite risky, seeing as how they might doze off into their private IM service account or start using an app that’s not work-related. Second, unless you actually have a top-notch cybersecurity system, it’s much harder for a person to just walk into your office and steal an actual folder. Finally, by working with recycled materials, you can even make all of this eco-friendly. So, here are several essential office supplies to keep an eye out for.

Self-stick notes

One of the best ways to get your team organized is to provide them with self-stick notes that they can use on awhiteboard, their desk, their monitor and even transparent walls between office sections. The reason why these self-stick notes are so effective is that they attract attention and, therefore, act as great notifications.You just have to look at them as you walk by, even if they’re not meant for you (this means that a colleague canremind you of the thing that you’ve forgotten). Also, they teach you to be resourceful, seeing as how they give you a limited amount of space to write the essence of the idea.


The next thing you need to think about isnotepads. By writing things down in a notepad, you’ll make your team actively pay attention to what you’re saying. Sure, wouldn’t they have to do this by typing it down in their smartphone, as well? Well, both yes and no. First of all, chances are that they’ll just turn on the recorder and not even pay attention to what you’re saying instead of writing it down. This would be a great solution if they actually plan to listen to this recording, later on, however, you have no guarantee that this would be the case. Second, typing is a process that we’re more used to, nowadays, which is what makes it easier to doze off while doing it.

Copy paper

One of the most important things you need in your office is copy paper. There’s a statistic that an average office worker prints about 10,000 sheets of paper every year, which is a horrifying statistic, to say the least. Sure, by digitalizing, you can drastically reduce this number, however, you still need vast quantities of printing paper for your office. You also need to find the right balance between quality paper and a great price. Your safest bet here is to check what online suppliers like Winc Australia have to offer and make bulk orders that are bound to make you the largest saving. The best thing about such an order from a reliable supplier is the fact that you also get a relatively accurate delivery date.

Folders, labels and binder clips

The key to having an organized workplace lies in your ability to group the data thatthematically belong together. This is what folders, labels and binder clips are there for. With the help of binder clips, you can group a couple of documents, while, when deposing them, you need to place them in a folder and depose of them in the fitting place. Put the folder in the drawer and label it so that you can browse them without having to go through all the documents that are inside. For optimal organization, you might want to invest in your own label printer.

Writing tools

Previously, we’ve mentioned the necessity of having self-stick notes, notebooks and even whiteboards, but you also need tools that you can use to write on these surfaces. This requires adequate writing tools such as ballpoint pens, sharpie permanent markers and highlighters, each of which has its own purpose. What you need in order to keep your modern office effective are all the right tools in your arsenal. Also, keep in mind that these writing tools tend to expire and that the ink/colour that they contain gets used up. This is why you need a steady supply.

There are other supplies that your office needs, like binders and index tabs, 3-hole punch and similar items, however, the above-listed five are the very basic. Just make sure that the price is right, that the quality is satisfactory and that the option that you’re picking is a sustainable one. Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to tell a recycled paper from a regular one.

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