Everything About Franke Kitchen Taps: Guarantee, Warranty And Benefits

This post will brief you with the guarantee and warranty the Franke monobloc kitchen tap holds and how they are beneficial as the best kitchen accessory. Know about them as the best designing solutions to make everyday use effortlessly. 

Franke Kitchen Taps

Kitchen is the most used space in the house, and so the usage of water inside the kitchen is at maximum range. Whether one wants to cook, wash utensils or keep the area clean, water accessories are the most used ones. Even if one is designing a new kitchen or renovating the existing one, the kitchen accessories play a significant role in keeping the functional purpose of the space intact.

Therefore, quality kitchen accessories like Franke monobloc kitchen tap not only support contemporary living, but they add pure glamour and comfort. Before choosing the quality accessory like Franke, one must know about the guarantee and warranty of these branded kitchen accessories along with other details about how these tap designs make the best choice for the kitchen. 

  • Innovative design solutions:

This century-old renowned brand offers one with the most innovative design solutions in kitchen accessories. From classic style to a modern kitchen, they have quality products that fit every need and choice. In all their unique pieces, they lead the market in kitchen accessories with their elegance, standard, a guarantee of products and its quality. 

  • Guarantee of products:

With the high-end manufacturing techniques, the Franke products build the Kitchen taps in London in a way that lasts longer. With the most beautiful quality material used, they provide a guarantee of products on manufacturing defects from their date of first purchase. Therefore, this guarantee doesn’t cover things like-

  • Any damage caused because of improper use
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage by negligence
  • Wear and tear
  • Scratches
  • Improper installation
  • Damage by improper maintenance
  • Damage caused by impurities

Warranty of products:

Since they offer high-standard products by Franke to create Kitchen Taps London, the warranty of different products is also well-taken care. With a 15 years warranty applied to replacement of the ceramic cartridge, they give a five years warranty to the parts and labour from the product purchase date. Over and above, they incorporate another ten years replacement of the ceramic cartridge in the product warranty system. Other than this, there are other guaranteed thing to know:

  • They replace any faults between the guarantee period free-of-charge if caused because of the manufacturing process.
  • With the sole discretion of Franke, they return the faulty product either by repairing or replacing it entirely with the same or similar model to continue the warranty period. It helps in providing the warranty benefits to the customer in the long run.
  • The guarantee period is applicable only when the document mentions the date of purchase of the product.

Below are the other benefits that make Franke kitchen taps one-stop choice for all the kitchen essentials:

  • Flexibility:

To cater to everyone’s requirement with precision in their styling and design, Franke monobloc kitchen tap features flexibility in its design. They offer valves ranging from pull-down spray to pull-out spray and many others. They also give handcraft sinks and tap mixers in iconic designs.

  • Suits routine task:

The quality of material used in kitchen taps not just defines style and preferences, but they help in doing the routine task with utmost comfort. Whether it is boiling water or dispensing safe, filtered drinking water, every job has every kind of tap suitable for the need because of vibrant and classic designing. 

  • Brand credibility: 

With over 100 years of existence, Franke as a kitchen accessories brand has set up a benchmark with its innovative design to meet the everyday needs of every household. From taps, sinks to the cooker, they exist and serve contemporary living in the best way. With every product guaranteed, they are the one-stop solution for all routine kitchen tasks. 

  • Exclusive specialist range:

With their advanced technology, they combine the advanced filtration system along with the stylish design to make Kitchen Taps in London. Their specialist range is the perfect example of effortless styling that delivers hot, cold and filtered water using advanced cartridges, providing efficient life-changing solutions.

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