Garry Shandling Dies at 66

The multi-talented artist Garry Shandling, has left a profound impact on the show business

Garry Shandling Dies at 66

The famous comedian, writer and actor, Garry Shandling died on Thursday at the age of 66. Shandling was the main person behind The Larry Sanders Show as well as many other hit programs.
Larry was not affected by any illness. He had died of a medical emergency.

Comedian Garry Shandling has been in the show business for decades. His first assignment was as a writer for the show Sanford and Son which aired in the 70s. After working on TV, shandling switched towards stand-up, and presented regular shows on Johnny Carson’s ‘The Tonight Show’.

This was later followed by ShowTime and HBO, however when he created the Garry Shandling’s show for Showtime, he was able to find a completely different kind of voice.

The show is described by people as a kind of meta-sitcom. It utilizes 3 camera format and tells the story of several characters. All the characters are aware that they are inside a television show.

Shandling often talked directly to the audience and the camera. The show wasn’t a gigantic success but critics loved it. The show went on for 4 seasons. Garry Shandling had his imprints on the show which is known as the talk show and is immensely popular with American audience. His show began in 1992 with the name of ‘The Larry Sanders Show’.

The show was exactly a kind of mock of a fictional talk show. It was mainly inspired by Shandling’s time as a stand-up comedian during the 80’s. It regularly showed behind-the-scenes happenings during the show.

Garry Handling starred as Larry Sanders whereas there were many talented and young actors who appeared on the show. The Larry Sanders show went on for more than 6 seasons and earned 56 Emmy Awards. It also became the first cable show that was nominated for the award of ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’.

Garry Shandling also hosted many award shows presenting stints at the Grammys and Emmys. He also worked in feature films including Zoolander. He had recently appeared with Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

Garry Shandling had a profound impact on TV as well as live performers. His loss is felt by everyone related to the field.

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