Apple Watch VS Samsung Gear Comparison

The two rivals Apple and Samsung are on strike again. Apple watch VS Samsung gear are compared to each other. Let’s compare their offerings to find the best of them.

Apple Watch VS Samsung Gear Comparison

Wireless Function:

Here we are comparing standalone capabilities of Apple watch VS Samsung gear. Wireless functionality of Samsung gear is available but, still you need a Samsung smart phone near it. Apple watch on the other hand is functional without iPhone.


Let’s see what Apple watch VS Samsung gear compatibility comparison offers to people. You need iPhone 5 or later iPhones to connect Apple watch. For connection of Samsung gear with your smart phone. Your phone should be android 4.3 or latest.


The software used in Apple watch is watch OS. It is an extremely efficient operating system. It keeps your data and other things in accurate form. Apple is using an entirely different platform to operate its watches. Samsung gear is using TIZEN in its watches. This is a very tough and strong system installed in a watch.


Both watches have eye-catching designs. Apple watch is smaller in size than Samsung gear. Samsung gear is taller and more in width as compared to Apple watch. If we talk about the main body of watch, Samsung gear is made up of plastic as well as glass. Apple watch contains stainless steel in its manufacturing. Apple watch is also available in 18 karat gold. Apple watch is available in many colours. But, Samsung gear is available in black and white only.

Apple watch VS Samsung gear use different display materials in the watches. Apple watch has sapphire ion x glass in it, Samsung gear contains gorilla glass in the watch.


You can connect to social media websites through Apple watch VS Samsung gear. Now connect to Facebook, twitter and Instagram through your Apple and Samsung watches. You will be notified upon every notification. Both watches have excellent applications. You can use Apple store for iTunes and other apps. Apple allows unlimited space for music. Moreover, you can find amazing applications through android store. You can have anything you can even think of.


Both Apple watch VS Samsung gear are wonderful watches. They look elegant on the wrists. Both have explicit features. Health features of Apple watch VS Samsung gear are very useful for consumers. But, in some specs, Apple won the race. On the other hand, Samsung beats Apple in few things. But at the end, both are liked by people very much. We can say that Apple watch has better specifications. On the other hand, Samsung gear gives long battery life in its watch.

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