iPhone 7 Features and its Release Date

Has Apple announced iPhone 7 features and its release date? Although Apple has not announced iPhone 7 features and its release date but it’s applying for patents just after a few months of releasing iPhone 6 & 6 Plus is what made us curious to get a sneak peek and here is what we have found.

iPhone 7 Features And its Release Date:

Apple is launching its new models most probably three phones, that we (on the basis of current naming convention) can call iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 mini, in October 2016. Initially there were also some rumors about early release of iPhone 7 till we found the more reliable information about its release date.

iPhone 7 Features and its Release Date

The most anticipated change in iPhone 7 features is thinner iPhones. For this, Apple seems to turn it’s already obtained patent of D-shaped connector into reality. This resultantly having a D-shaped thinner receptor in the device will save an extra millimeter and help them come up with most slim iPhone till now. This improved version will although have all functions of a modern 3.5mm connector but on the other hand it will also make most of our existing headphones incompatible.

Due to the popularity of bigger screens Apple will keep its recent upscaling in sizes of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch even for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus respectively but it will also revive its 4-inch size of previous models for iPhone 7 mini. This time Apple will come up with a separate campaign for its smaller iPhone.

With the release of new iPhones in 2016 Apple is not only expected to introduce its slimmest sets but also breaking free of its tradition of minimum 16GB storage capacity. With all that big sized data that we are exchanging and saving these days with so many apps around, 16GB surely is out of question. We are expecting that Apple will definitely make it 32GB as minimum internal phone storage this time.

Other than the obvious upgradations in software, Apple iPhone 7 will keep its Retina HD Display with almost same or even higher pixel density as it is in iPhone 6 series. Another improvement is 12-megapixel iSight camera with 1.22µ pixels in all models of iPhone 7 series, which currently is only available in 6 S and 6 S Plus. All other rumors about new features such as curved or 3D screen are not expected. Any rumors about release date of iPhone 7 before 3rd quarter of 2016 are also false. However wireless charging is definitely a possibility and body of iPhone 7 will remain of aluminum.

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