Kim Kardashian Dresses for Halloween as Herself in Met Gala

Kim Kardashian dressing up for Halloween as herself in exactly the way she was dressed up in Met Gala in NYC in 2013 while she was pregnant with daughter North West. Considering that Kim, being pregnant again now, didn’t have many options but wearing her own dress for which she was hugely criticized, she definitely put it all in a very satirical (and to some very intelligent) way.

Kim Kardashian Dresses for Halloween as Herself in Met Gala

The 35-year-Old reality show Celebrity of Keeping Up with Kardashians not only wore the same floral dress but she also made the exact same look by doing the same slicked back hair in the same low ponytail, and wore same berry shade lipstick. Ironically other than jaw dropping get-up of Heidi Klum Kim succeeded in making news waves like always.

Kim Kardashian Dresses for Halloween:

On earlier Halloween parties, Kim was Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood and Poison Ivy, and many other character with sexy get-ups – but now that she was pregnant she came up with this idea of her infamous get-up that so many mocked in the past.

Kim also kept on posting photos of herself promoting the “Kim Kardashian look” to Twitter and Instagram. She started with a cartoon of herself wearing in that particular look. The cartoon photo shows herself in “Met Gala look” on a full moon evening and surrounded by bats.

The caption “Still fits…” then she posted her real picture wearing that same dress. She captioned that photo “I think I nailed the Kim K costume”. And then she posted another photo posing in the same dress with captions like “we can’t breathe. This is too funny!” It seems that Kim remembers all those comments on her “Met Gala dress”. Knowing how people reacted, Kim Kardashian dresses up for Halloween as her pregnant self as was in Met Gala, she really nailed it.

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