Heidi Klum Converted into Jessica Rabbit for Halloween 2015

Heidi Klum literally converted herself into seductive toon human character of Jessica Rabbit, from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Known for her surprising transformations on Halloween parties every year, the 42 years old super model stunned everyone with her ultimate personification of Jessica Rabbit.

Heidi Klum Converted into Jessica Rabbit for Halloween 2015

Red hair with sidebangs, seductive long dark eye lashes, red pouting lips and red strapless dress revealing a lot of cleavage and curves, high thigh slit, narrow waist with huge and broad hips, it took Prorenfx almost 10 hours to completely transform Heidi into famous Jessica Rabbit for her annual Halloween party. She was turned into a live cartoon since skin like synthetic materials were used to overly enhance her features completely changing into the character and the way Heidi acted afterwards made everyone believe seeing Jessica coming to real life.

Heidi Klum created her own hashtag, #heidihalloween and for weeks of teasing by sharing pictures of her Halloween costume getting ready, she finally shared her look backstage while getting converted her face and body into the legendry Jessica who framed Roger Rabbit.

She definitely put some brains and effort into it but it got her lots of admiration not just by the followers but from other celebrities such as  Gigi Hadid declaring her queen of Halloween on Instagram, who herself was Sandy from Grease. Among other important attendees were Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Jennifer and Casper were dressed as creepy skeletons, whereas Kim was dressed none other than as her own self in her controversial Met Gala 2013 Look.

She may not be taking red carpet very seriously but when it comes to her annual Halloween parties she means business. This is not the first time Heidi Klum has gone far completely transforming into a character such as Jessica Rabbit. Butterfly, Old Lady, Cleopatra, Ape, Robot, Kali and Cat are also some of her costumes that made her Queen of Halloween.

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