Google Chrome introduces new technology for data saving

It will allow faster downloads and streaming while using less data. The internet is a great place. It allows people to remain connected with their friends, family and relatives all the time. Moreover, with the help of creations like Google Chrome on Android, it is now easier than ever to indulge in high speed browsing with the help of your cell phone.

Google Chrome

With the new Google chrome, users can indulge in shopping over their phones. They can get entertained and also carry out high speed browsing. However, there are still many challenges in this field including the increasing costs and slower speed on some devices. All these problems hinder the ability of the user to gain the best out of the World Wide Web.

The company wants to enhance the Chrome experience for its users that is why it had introduced the Chrome browser for android. The new features in the chrome enhance downloads and content discovery features. Both of them have been designed to assist the user when he / she is working over the internet.

It is very easy to download chrome for android from the web without spending a lot of time and effort.The Data Saver was launched with the intention of providing the client with an opportunity to enjoy an assortment of available content on the internet without necessarily using more data. When the Data Saver is enabled, the Google Chrome decreases the size of images as well as the text added or loaded.

The same technology has also been brought to the videos which will allow the users to save a considerable amount of data while they are watching the MP4 format with the help of Google Chrome. This latest technology is already saving an enormous 13 TB of data on video watching every week. This amounts to almost 14 years of High Definition video.

The Data Saver is also getting smarter by the day. When the user is having problems with the connection or when it is slow, it automatically switches to essential in the HTTP website. These optimized pages would save around 90% of the user’s data and its loads almost twice as faster.

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