The Pros and Cons of Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting service is a cloud computing service provided by Google. It uses the same support infrastructure which is used by the company for end user products internally. These end user products include Youtube and Google Search.

The Pros and Cons of Google Cloud Hosting

Google cloud hosting offers developer to products for building a wide range of programs including highly complex applications. The market of public cloud has become extremely competitive during the past few years with the entry of so many skilled players.

Google hosting is unique in the sense that the company is a data company and at its heart lies the analytics and management of data. Google’s cloud market initiative may have been a defensive gesture in order to cater to the demand of its huge customer base.

The cloud hosting is a solution for all those companies that need comprehensive solutions to their data related issues. Since there are only three main players in the market now, it means that Google will need to be more sophisticated in its approach towards its core offerings.

Oracle has also announced that it will also be entering the cloud market shortly. Despite this fact, it is almost certain that Google will remain a top player in the cloud hosting market.

Google cloud has been doing its hardest to remain credible within the enterprise. Despite some very high-profile hiring, the company is still struggling to maintain its credibility. It is almost certain now that Google will be making some aggressive acquisitions in the near future so that they can tap the failings in their functionalities.

Google cloud hosting is focused on data intensive applications like ERP and CRM etc. data intensive business strategies are being applied by vendors that will be able to reap the most benefits from the cloud based platforms.

Google cloud hosting has the infrastructure and expertise to offer the best possible services to its clients. However, there is much that still needs to be done including a rock solid management solution that will show prospective clients that Google is serious in its endeavor.

The explosion of business driven by data, Google has an upper hand with information extensive organizations. Google also has the mobility to create a marketplace for developing IoT applications.

It is a fact that analytics and good data are the basis of strong advertisement. This is where Google cloud web hosting has an edge over its competitors.

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  • It is a good news for users to have a new hosting provider but a bad news for hosting providers because they are going to fight with a new and strong competitor in the hosting market.

  • I just switched my main site to Google Cloud Platform and was incredibly impressed. Will be using this platform for all my sits from this point forward.