How CIPP Rehab Solutions Can Help Repair Broken Pipes

To talk about this topic, you need to know what CIPP actually means. It stands for cured-in-place pipe, and it is actually a reinforced pipe with glass fiber which is suitable for rehabilitating gravity and pressure pipes.

CIPP Rehab Solutions

With the use of this kind of solution, it means that it can withstand external and internal pressure. It has become one of the safest methods for safe and reliable repairing of damaged water pipes and gravity pipes without worrying that you have to dig a trench just to reach the pipe.

This technology is new, that more and more people are starting to realize the benefits of it. No more disruptions, and people are beginning to realize the disadvantages of the traditional methods of repairing.

CIPP methods can be applied to applications such as natural gas pipelines, technological pipelines, crude water pipelines, and potable water pipes. It still has years ahead of development, but it is certainly guaranteed that it will be successful.

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Tech specifications

The technical specifications can differ for each company. Still, some things are always included, such as having high chemical resistance, standards for approving the safe drink of water known as NSF61, BS6920, AS/N ZS 4020, suitable for any type of material for the pipes that are already in the ground.

As written above, for every country, there are different standards which should be followed thoroughly. Some companies that manufacture CIPP are often going for wall thickness that can differ from 3-point-five to twenty millimeters, lower than the nine-hundred ability to bending, pipe pressure usually is less than thirty-two bars, etc. These are only some of the specs, but the numbers can rely on the pipe diameter.

Installation process

After a long video inspection procedure and high-pressure pipe cleaning, installation equipment is then installed where you planned it to be. After this, CIPP pipes are then transported to the site; thus, the process of preparing it to be installed has begun.

When the hole is dug enough and everything else is set, the CIPP pipe is inserted into the manhole. One of the most used methods to shape this pipe and place it perfectly is the compressed air method. After the inversion process, hot water or steam is applied to cure CIPP.

More people are starting to use it

Managers and commercial property owners are starting to realize the benefits of this method to cure damaged pipelines. As time goes by, more and more people are giving up the traditional methods of fixing damaged pipes and often consider switching to CIPP curing.

For any business, it is vital for their sewer system to be functional to have a safe environment. But many things can go wrong if a pipe gets damaged, such as root intrusion, they are old, there is ground movement, and last but not least, calcification can also be a reason for your pipes to get damaged.

The listed above things can be really bad because the repairs are costly and time-consuming, disrupting your daily business plan.

This is why you should consider doing a CIPP method of repairing. It is cost-effective, and many business owners can afford it. 

The traditional way of repairing requires more costs, and with the use of CIPP, you have less labor which means that you have fewer costs. However, after digging any hole, it is necessary to restore the landscape after the job is done. If you want to read more into this, click on this link.

Safety comes first

It is very efficient to eliminate the possible outcome damage of any repairing process. If not careful, a significant amount of damage can be caused on floors, sidewalks, structures, landscape, interior walls, and streets. CIPP method ensures that the area will be much safer, but it also guarantees the safety of the workers.

This method is done underground, so it does not have the same risk as traditional pipeline repair. Other than this, it also protects people in the area from mold exposure, harmful chemicals, asbestos, etc.

It is more efficient.

CIPP Rehab

This method guarantees that the wall coating and the layers around it will last for decades. A very essential fact is that it is also less time-consuming, as the traditional repairing method requires so much work. This way of repairing requires several hours.

Everyone knows how annoying it can be when the whole street has been dug, interrupting your daily plans, creating traffic chaos, etc. This is a topic that will be in the past after some time. As technology advances rapidly, more efficient methods are developed every year.

Always go for the most efficient method so it can be less time-consuming, and also it can save you money.

It is convenient

As mentioned above, technicians can be really efficient when it comes to this kind of repair. It can take from a few hours to one whole day of work. If you are not aware of how many stressful situations like blocked streets and loud noise can be. CIPP rehab does the job perfectly as it is very convenient and also efficient.


If you are a business owner, and if you notice some odors that are not so pleasant, this means that your pipelines are probably damaged.

On the first thought, you might think that this will interrupt your business and also spend money, but be assured that CIPP rehab solutions are cost-effective as it is done without any vast noise, nothing will be interrupted, you will save money, and there will be no more unpleasant smells in your property.

There is no need for major excavations with this method as it is done with remotely controlled technological equipment. Sometimes you will not even be aware that the job is done because probably when you come home from work, you will notice that there is no machinery or anything like that to sleep easier at night.

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