How To Care For Concrete Saws

Demolition saws are some of the most abused construction equipment, mainly because of the nature of the work they used for. Negligence and improper maintenance can tremendously reduce their lifespan. To ensure that these useful tools remain in a tip top shape for a long time, consider the following simple maintenance suggestions.

Clean them daily

This is one of the easiest maintenance exercises of concrete saws that is unfortunately ignored by many users. You don’t actually need a user manual to clean up your tools first before putting them away after work daily. Demolition saws are exposed to a lot of dirt and water in the sawing process, a combination that forms a mixture that coats the machine’s sides. Any build up during use can be removed with a hose or pressure washer, keep it clean and dry.

Inspect the Equipment after Use

Concrete Saws

Concrete Saws

Demolition saws are prone to wear and tear. After cleaning them, take time and inspect them for any wear and tear. You can avoid any further damages on the equipment that may require extensive repairs if you spot any bent arbor shaft or a blade getting loose before using.

Lubrication and Checking the Oil Levels

One of the most important routine maintenance procedures is ensuring that the shaft bearings are well lubricated. At the end of every day’s work, take time to grease the bearings, preferably, accord every bearing two grease pumps immediately after use when the equipment is still warm from the job. Preferably, keep the shaft in idle mode while greasing the bearings. Please be cautioned over-greasing the bearings can blow their seal out, destroying them. Also, keep an eye on the oil levels of the equipment. You may have to frequently change oil with dry cutting as there is a high ingestion of dust in the engine compared to wet cutting.

Shaft Belts and Proper Tension

Proper tension is very important and must be maintained at all times. Shaft belts of new saws should be retightened as often as after every hour. However, ensure that you don’t overdo it as it might damage the bearings and belts. Thereafter, take a look at the belt tension and until when the belts have reached their stretching limits. Loose belts can result in the vibration of your demolition saws, which is likely to result in the damage of the frame, rash wearing of the components and decreased blade life. Watch out for a squealing sound as it is an indication of a slipping belt, which has to be immediately tensioned.

Finally, lessen the abuse of the concrete saws. Even if they are designed for this nature of work, moving from one concrete to another daily is likely to cause a lot of damage on their effectiveness. Also, engine air filter and lubrication points must be serviced as regularly as possible.

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