How to Encourage Your Child to Learn Another Language


Learning the English language for non-native children can be very challenging. However, it is even more difficult to teach a foreign language to children for most parents and tutors. Surprisingly, what most parents do not understand is that children usually enjoy and have fun in learning another language as opposed to what most people think.

How to Encourage Your Child to Learn Another Language

Apart from keeping them engaged for hours, they also gain valuable skills which they can use in their future. In today’s world, having the ability to speak a second or third language greatly makes somebody valuable in their lives. If you are struggling to teach your child a foreign language, it is best when you have a few parenting tips and tricks so as to keep your child motivated. Here are a few tips on how to encourage your child to learn another language.

1. Speak to them

If you are already fluent in the language that your kids are studying, they would feel more comfortable speaking to you than other people. As practice makes perfect, the frequent conversation between you two would greatly benefit your child. At home, it feels more safe and easy to put what they learn from school as they are far from classroom settings where mistakes are frowned upon.

2. Help them stay organized

It is very important to be organized when learning anything new. In order to be productive, your child must stay focused and in a setting that promotes learning. While at home, this can be made possible in several ways. For instance, you can teach and encourage your child to always gather and maintain clean and tidy notebooks. Also, the learning setting must be free from any distractions that may interfere with the child’s concentration.

A setting that encourages productive learning will highly motivate them to study even more. This can be achieved by creating a separate study room and ensuring that learning tools for kids are always kept ready for use.

3. Help them join a language school

Sometimes studying alone does not work for every student. Most would prefer been in a school setting where they can meet and interact with other children with the same interest. When you realize your child is not making significant progress studying at home, it is high time you consider an English language school.

These language schools usually have professional tutors and also provide opportunities for your younger one to make friends when studying. This makes the education experience memorable and motivates children to keep pursuing their goals. The aspect of boredom is completely shuttered. Moreover, there is a high chance of meeting a tutor who is a native speaker of the language.

4. Use language apps and online tools

You can supplement your child’s learning by using apps and other online language tools. Here, you will find the best ways in practising short phrases, new vocabulary, and even learn correct pronunciations and accents.

5. Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad is a sure way of motivating your child to learn and master a foreign language. Interacting with native speakers and seeing various signposts and landmarks will help them develop more interest in the language.

Learning a new language is the best way of developing a child’s brain. It also will create great opportunities for your child in the future, as he will not be limited by the language barrier. Also, trips and travels become more enjoyable when you are able to communicate eloquently with different people.


By understanding the various tips to keep your child motivated in learning a foreign language, you make it possible for them to grasp and learn even faster. In this globalization era, where the world has become a global village, it is advisable to equip your child fully prepared as jobs have become diverse and the probability of working oversees is higher now, more than ever.

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