How to Grow and Make Money as an Independent Blogger

The internet has created numerous ways of making money online. While you can make money ghostwriting for freelance sites, writing as an independent blogger can make you some decent income. In this article, we share five ways on how to make money as a blogger.

How to Grow and Make Money as an Independent Blogger

Working Remotely

During the pandemic period, many people lost their jobs, and with the necessity to pay bills and the urgency to pay for expenses, we are forced to search for ways of getting money by working remotely. Bloggers can direct sales by writing extensively on their subject and posting on their advertising pages for rates and offerings. 

Article writing; companies times need having articles that explain more about their work to the public; bloggers can use such opportunities to make money.

Content Creation

Creating content is the primary way bloggers can make money. The content you create needs to be engaging to generate traffic to your site. With this traffic, you can advertise for other sites and third parties by linking your content to their sites. The content you create can be in the form of articles, videos for Youtube, or Photographs. It is crucial that you create content that focuses on the specific subject area you wish to find advertisers. You can be a lifestyle content creator, tech content creator, and so on.


While most bloggers are now shifting to visual content, writing for your blog is still one way of making money. You can blog about anything you like, from simple topics such as tips on cooking, knit, sharing your personal experiences, and creating a community that relates to your content.

Selling Products Online

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how businesses operate. With restrictions of movement in place, you can have your own website to market and sell your products online. Boutiques and restaurants can use their websites for advertising to a larger population to sustain their revenues during this period and even afterwards.

There are numerous website builders that you can use to create a website even without the technical know-how. Sites like WordPress and Wix have made it very easy to get a ready-made template that you can customize to suit your tastes and preferences.

Creating a teaching-based platform

Teaching online is among the fastest ways to make money, especially while movement restrictions are still in place, and students cannot go to school. Short courses are preferable since students can get the skills they need within a shorter period and at a friendly cost. A blogger can also do online consultation or podcasts that are educative.

Writing Reviews

Reviewing products and digital applications is another way of making money as an independent blogger. Writing reviews of new developments in the market, such as phones, computers, headphones, and even new apps, can generate good income. As a reviews writer, you can partner with the companies or e-commerce websites that sell the products you are writing about, and this way, you can make money as an affiliate through commissions.

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