How to Hook Up an Equalizer

How to Hook Up an Equalizer

This article will help you with different methods through which you can easily hook up your equalizer in no time.

An equalizer is a useful piece of audio gear that lets you change how an audio stream responds to different frequencies. They come in a range of prices and functions, but they all do the same basic thing, which is to change the volume of sound at different frequencies. Connecting an equalizer to your car radio or stereo system is easy and only needs a few simple things to keep in mind.

Top 3 Best Ways To Setup An Equalizer

Below we have shared different procedures that you can follow in order to understand the different ways to hook up a Sound Equalizer.

1.   Hook Up Your Equalizer Between The Amplifier And Receiver

The easiest way to connect your equalizer to a receiver is by using RCA cables. A lot of receivers either have the pre-amp input and pre-amp output channels or connections for a tape monitor. These are the best ways to add an equalizer to your stereo most of the time. Below are some steps that will help you with it.

Step 1: Purchase a pair of RCA cables from a nearby electronics shop. These 2 cables will transmit signals from between your equalizer, stereo receiver, and amplifier.

Step 2: Insert one side of the RCA cables into the receiver’s pre-amp output. And then, the other side into the equalizer’s left-right channel.

Step 3: Now, we will use the other RCA cable to connect the amplifier and equalizer. Insert one of the sides into the equalizer’s output channel and the other side into the amplifier’s left-right input channels.

Step 4: Turn on all three the equalizer, amplifier, and receiver. Once, everything is turned on, try to adjust the knobs accordingly.

2.  Hook Up Your Equalizer To The Receiver

If in case your equalizer does not contain any preamp-out channels, then this method will help you. For this method, you need to make integrated preamp-in and preamp-out connections in your amplifier. To understand the process better, check out the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to a nearby electronics store and purchase 2 RCA cables. The cables should be long enough to connect all three components (i.e. equalizer, receiver, and amplifier).

Step 2: Take one of the cables and connect one side of it to the receiver’s output channels and the other side to the equalizer’s left-right input channels.

Step 3: Now for the other RCA cable, you need to insert one of the sides into the equalizer’s output channels. And then, the other side into the receiver’s output channels.

Step 4: Turn on both devices, then change the receiver’s front panel output control into the Tape Monitor setting. This allows the sound to pass through your equalizer on its way to the amplifier, opening the tape monitor channels. To suit your tastes, turn the equalizer knobs.

3.   Connect The Amplifier Directly To Your Equalizer

For this method, your amplifier needs to have preamp-out and preamp-in channels in it. This process is for those whose doesn’t have a receiver or the receiver doesn’t contain a tape monitor or preamp-out channels. Follow the instructions given below and they will help you understand the process better.

Step 1: Buy two long RCA cables from a store. These cables will be required to transmit signals between your equalizer and the amplifier.

Step 2: Insert one of the RCA cables into the amplifier’s preamp-out channels and the other side into the equalizer’s preamp-in channels.

Step 3: Now, take the other RCA cable and connect one side of the cable with the equalizer’s output channels and the other side to the amplifier’s preamp-in channels. If your amplifier has the tape monitor channel instead of preamp-in, then you can also use it in the same way.

Note: The left channel port will usually take the black or white colored RCA plugs while the right channel jacks should take the red plug.

Step 4: If you have a pre-amp connection switch on your amplifier, then turn it on. However, if you are using the tape monitor channels instead of preamp-in, then turn on its switch instead.

Step 5: Switch on both devices and turn the knob on your equalizer to manipulate the frequency and controls accordingly.

Wrapping Up The Different Methods To Hook Up Your Equalizer

It may sound hard to connect an equalizer to an amplifier because there are a lot of terms and parts that sound like they belong together, but it’s actually pretty easy if you follow the steps above. If you have any further questions, do write us down in the comments below. We would love to help you out.

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