How To Stay Prepared When Going on an Overnight Hiking Trip

How To Stay Prepared When Going on an Overnight Hiking Trip

Overnight Hiking Trip

Overnight hikes and camping are fun expeditions, but they’re not without their perils; jumping into nature without proper preparations is a quick way to walk into a disaster. Knowing how to stay prepared when going on an overnight hiking trip will keep you and your fellow hikers safe while on the trail. Keep the essentials on you at all times and ensure you have what you need to contend with the local flora, fauna, and weather.

Know the Local Climate and Weather

The first step to preparing for an overnight hike is to understand what type of weather you’re walking into; this largely determines the clothes and supplies you’ll need to bring. Hiking in Arizona during the summer is significantly different than hiking across northern Michigan in the winter. Each environment requires different tools to see yourself safely to the trail’s end.

You’ll also need to keep track of recent local weather reports since weather and temperature can fluctuate wildly between seasons, especially in northern states. Keep ahead of the weather reports, and make sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

Familiarize Yourself With the Terrain

Aside from the general climate, the terrain plays a critical role in your preparation process. Are you walking on grassy hills, over sandy dunes, through dense forests, or across a blazing desert?

Each biome brings about its own unique obstacles, whether that be tree coverage, hard ground, or precarious sheer cliffs. Take a look at the local topography and make note of anything that may seem dangerous.

Pack the Necessities; Leave Any Non-Essentials

Of course, a hiking trip wouldn’t be possible unless you actually packed for the trip, but it’s essential to know what to pack and what to leave at home.

Water, flashlights, tents, and sleeping bags are the basic necessities that’ll keep you safe, but by packing according to your knowledge of local terrain and weather, you can better prepare for any specific dangers. And while it’s not fun to think about worst-case scenarios, you’ll also want to bring some safety supplies in case you find yourself in a hazardous situation.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Hike

Overnight hiking can be a fun, tranquil experience, and adequate preparation before you embark on the adventure facilitates that enjoyment. Show up knowledgeable about the area, prepared for any reasonable situation, and ready to face whatever the trail may throw at you.

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